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5 Detox Foods to Eat TODAY to Boost Weight Loss

Updated: May 27, 2020

This week, the AENpeeps are all following the 7 Day IF Detox! The Detox focuses on reducing and removing the foods and ingredients that prevent detoxification in the liver, while providing the foods that promote detox. By promoting detoxification in the liver, your body can begin to improve fat burning mechanisms in order to achieve your weight loss goal!

Today, I'm breaking down 5 detox promoting foods that you can eat EVERY DAY to aid in your weight loss journey!

Chia Seeds

An extremely important aspect of liver detoxification is phase 3, aka elimination. The vast majority of the actual detox process happens within the liver. This is where toxic compounds are converted into water soluble alternatives that can be safely removed from the body. The main routes of elimination of these toxins include our GI tract (bowel movements), kidneys (urine), skin (sweat) and lungs (breathing). Fiber is the essential component of elimination of toxins via the GI tract, therefore increasing your fiber intake during a detox is ESSENTIAL for actually REMOVING the toxins. Chia seeds are LOADED with fiber - just 2 Tbsp. of chia seeds packs in 7g of fiber! I love using Chia seeds in my Chia Brekky Bowl (pictured above) or any of the smoothies in the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle.

detox foods for weight loss


Avocado is surprisingly packed with fiber (1 avocado has around 9g of fiber) making it an incredible tool for phase 3 detox. But here's the kicker - it's also high in satiating fat to stabilize blood glucose levels and aid in fat burning too! I love topping my salads or egg scrambles with 1/2-1 avocado for a boost of satiety.

detox foods for weight loss

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are uniquely tailored to the process of detoxification by aiding in phase 2 detox. A natural process of detoxification is the by-product of highly damaging free-radicals. These free-radicals are quenched and rendered harmless by our own internal antioxidant, glutathione. Brussels sprouts helps your body to up-regulate glutathione production and aid in the detoxification process.

detox foods for weight loss


Raspberries are incredibly high in fiber while also being relatively low in sugar. One cup of raspberries comes in at around 5g of sugar to 8g of fiber. Compared to many tropical fruits that are very low in fiber and high in sugar, raspberries have an incredible fiber to sugar ratio. This aids in stabilizing blood glucose levels so that you don't get sugar cravings that will inhibit fat burning during your Detox.

Grass-fed Beef

Amino acids are an essential, and often forgotten, part of detoxification. The amino acids in protein are used to help bind and escort toxins out of the body with phase 2 detox and conjugation (get ALL the deets on liver detox HERE). As you'll see in the 7 Day IF Detox recipes, you're able to choose your own protein source for your meals. One of my favorites is grass-fed beef. I love making Spanish Meatballs (pictured above), ground beef tacos or burgers with a lettuce bun.

Ready to heal your liver, decrease sugar cravings and start feeling GOOD again? Join thousands of AENpeeps around the world in the 7 Day IF Detox! Head over HERE to get started!

best foods for detox weight loss

Your Nutritionist,


detox foods for weight loss

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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