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5 Easy Ways To Speed Up Intermittent Fasting Results

Intermittent Fasting is a great weight loss tool, but when just used on it's own, the results might be a bit slow. Today, I'm sharing 5 easy ways to help speed up your weight loss results with Intermittent Fasting. These are tips that have helped thousands of men and women around the world following the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle along their weight loss and wellness journey as well.

Scroll down for the 5 easy tips!

intermittent fasting weight loss results tips

#1 Pick The Right Fast

Longer isn't always better when it comes to Intermittent Fasting. Too long of fasts don't allow you to fit all of your daily nutrient needs in -- especially protein, which is crucial for maintaining muscle mass during the weight loss process. But on the flip side, if your fast is too short then you won't get the benefits of Intermittent Fasting either.

Wondering how long your Intermittent Fast should be? Take my FREE 5 minute quiz by clicking the button below👇🏻

intermittent fasting quiz

#2 Add A 30 Minute Fasted Walk

Doing this daily can be such a game changer for your Intermittent Fasting results. During the fasted state, the body is naturally burning fat as fuel because insulin is low. Walking is a lower intensity exercise that also primarily uses fat as fuel, helping you to double down on your perks.

Plus, studies have found that walking outside helps to lower cortisol levels.(1) And high levels of cortisol are directly tied to weight gain around the belly.(2) Time to get those steps!

intermittent fasting break fast

#3 Eat Protein, Fat + Fiber Meals

What you eat matters if you want to achieve a weight loss goal with Intermittent Fasting. A lot of people break their fast with the wrong foods and end up plateauing or even reversing their progress. To help maximize results, it's important to "mimic" the benefits of fasting with your food choices. This means prioritizing foods that don't greatly spike the storing hormone insulin.

Foods that most greatly spike insulin are those rich in sugar and starch. Meals that are centered around high quality sources of protein, fat and fiber tend to have a lower impact on insulin and help to boost satiety levels.(3)

This is the meal strategy that men and women around the world, like Karola, Ron, Jeannette, Macie and Jenny all used to help them achieve their weight loss goals with Intermittent Fasting. Ron (pictured below) was able to lose over 70 pounds in just 6 months by combining his Intermittent Fast with protein, fat and fiber rich meals from the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle.

intermittent fasting results

New to Intermittent Fasting? Get the step-by-step, meal-by-meal details for how you can achieve your weight loss and wellness goals with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle!

intermittent fasting program

intermittent fasting workout

#4 Resistance Train 3-5x/Week

Studies show that adding resistance training into your Intermittent Fasting routine helps maintain muscle mass while increasing fat burning.(4) In fact, this is how Kristen was able to break through her plateau and lose an additional 15 pounds!

intermittent fasting weight loss results

Kristen followed the workouts included in the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle to achieve her results. However, you can also create your own resistance training routine. You can even start off with body weight exercises such as air squats, pushups and lunges.

#5 Eat Earlier

There's been a ton of research lately on the timing of an Intermittent Fast. And studies are finding that earlier break-fasts are better than later for weight loss goals (even if the fast length is the same!).(5) For example, an eating window of 10am-6pm will be better than 12pm-8pm. The goal is to not eat your last meal super late, but instead shift the eating window to a bit earlier in the day (or as early as makes sense with your schedule).

Unlock the Intermittent Fasting tips, meal plans and recipes that have helped thousands of men and women around the world with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle!

100+ recipes, 8 weeks of meal planning, science-backed Intermittent Fasting tips and so much more!

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❤️ Autumn

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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