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6 Desserts That Won't Hurt Your Weight Loss Goals (Make These This Weekend!!)

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

We're just about to wrap up week 3 of the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge (#WhatIFJourney) and it's incredible to see AENpeeps all around the world feeling GOOD again (or for the first time ever!). In just the first week, Ashley lost 4 pounds and significantly reduced her bloating and Sarah has crazy energy levels and her sleep has been amazing. We often forget about these other extremely important quality of life factors such as not feeling anxious, having a clear mind, not feeling bloated and having energy to do the things you love. It's exciting to see the AENpeeps not only making progress toward their weight loss/wellness goals but also to actually feel GOOD again.

the best desserts for weight loss

Which PS - if you want to join in on the last 2 weeks of the Challenge, WELCOME!! Head over HERE to get started.

Today, I want to talk about DESSERTS... because desserts.

It's Friday and the start of the weekend is when desserts or sweet treats tend to surface back up in our mind. Desserts don't actually have to be an "evil" thing. In fact, when done the right way, you can literally have your cake and eat it too (or in this case cookies and chocolate).

So today I'm sharing a video from my YouTube channel where I break down the 6 best desserts to have this weekend and still achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.

The most important factor when it comes to desserts is enjoying it with those you love. Don't make a dessert something that you're ashamed of. As you've learned in the video, you can have a sweet treat and still feel great in your body. And nothing is better than enjoying a meal or a treat with your friends and family. Remember, food is culture and culture is a crucial aspect to our mental and even physical health! So whip up some of those PB + Chocolate Chip Cookies (grab the recipe in the description of the video HERE) or homemade berries and cream for someone special this weekend!


Your Nutritionist,


best desserts for weight loss

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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