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6 Science-y Ways To Bounce Back After 4th of July

Updated: May 27, 2020

4th of July was always one of my favorite holidays growing up, especially living by the beach. Everyone would get all dressed up in red, white and blue, head down to the beach and eat amazing BBQ. Not much has changed as an adult, except for the addition of alcohol in various forms. After having one or two extra glasses of your favorite drink, you may be feeling the not so lovely effects today. (Unless you sipped on my low-sugar drink options in the Level Up Guide, in which case you may be feeling a bit better!)

But it's the long weekend! There's too much fun to be had to feel "bleh"! That's why today I'm sharing 6 science-backed ways that you can feel better ASAP and continue working in the direction of your wellness dreams!

1. Take Some Celtic Sea Salt

This goes along with some of the obvious advice of 'drink more water'. Your body is likely in a dehydrated state from drinking the day before. This dehydration also leaches out minerals that your cells NEED. Pair your increased water intake the day after drinking with some high quality Celtic Sea Salt to add much needed minerals into the equation. Learn more about why Celtic Sea Salt is so awesome HERE.

2. DON'T Work Out

Here's the thing - if you did some damage on the 4th, your body is already in a state of increased inflammation and trying to recover. Exercise is fantastic for your health, but not after having one too many drinks. Allow your body to prioritize energy toward detoxification and save workout recovery for another day.

3. Go Walk OUTSIDE

It's summer!! Take a stroll outside for 30-60 minutes (or longer!) to get some movement in without stressing your body too much. Plus, being outside will allow you to absorb negative ions and help put your body into the state of rest and repair... exactly what you need today.

4. Sleep In

Remember, your body is recovering from all those activities the day before. Drinking can take a toll on the body and we need to allow time to let healing happen. Sleep is one of the most underutilized techniques for exactly this. The thing is... alcohol also impairs our sleep which will lead to lower quality sleep on the night of July 4th. But that's okay! Get your bedtime routine together tonight so that you can recoup and still have two more days left of the long weekend to enjoy with full energy.

how to bounce back after 4th of July

5. Take Your Coffee Decaf

Ughhhh I know, I know, not what you want to hear when you're waking up feeling not so great and really tired. But remember my vid on the WORST time to have coffee?!When you're tired! (Need a reminder why? Get the science-y deets HERE.) But it doesn't mean you can't still enjoy your coffee! Just whip up a decaf batch so that you can work on feeling your best today. Then switch back to your usual order tomorrow!

6. Join the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge!!

We're starting on MONDAY!! Follow the first 5 steps in this article to recover post holiday festivities, then gear up for the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge to really amplify your results! We're ALL doing it TOGETHER! Boost your energy levels, feel lean, increase fat burning and heal your gut! Get the deets on how to join in HERE.

I'm spending this weekend setting my Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge goals and reflecting on what I truly want ~ This is a great time for you to do the same! I can't wait to be doing this Challenge with all of my #AENpeeps!!!

Head over HERE so that you don't miss out on feeling incredible again!

how to bounce back after 4th of July

Your Nutritionist,


how to bounce back after 4th of July

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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