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7 Day Detox for Weight Loss [Does it WORK?!]

Updated: May 27, 2020

Have you seen all of those "detox" teas? The ones that promise immediate weight loss by simply drinking the tea? The whole concept of these "detox" teas have little (to zero) basis on what a detox ACTUALLY is. In fact, many of these teas tend to capitalize on the diuretic (water loss) effect of various herbs or spices that they use as main ingredients.

7 day detox for weight loss - autumn bates review

But this brings up a really interesting question of "what IS a detox anyway?" and to follow it up with "will it help you LOSE weight??".

Today, I'm sharing the science-y deets behind what a detox IS and how you can start detoxing today!

If you haven't joined in on the New Year Intermittent Fasting Challenge, it's not too late! We're all starting together on Monday, January 6th 2020 and we're kicking off the Challenge with the 7 Day IF Detox!

Head over HERE to join thousands of AENpeeps around the world in the Challenge and finally achieve your wellness DREAMS!

Your Nutritionist,


Autumn Elle Nutrition

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