• Autumn Bates, CCN, MS

All Your Intermittent Fasting Challenge Questions Answered

Updated: May 27, 2020

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The Intermittent Fasting Challenge is ALMOST HERE!!! I'm so excited to go through the next 3 weeks with you! After my holiday yesterday, I'm personally ready to get back on track with my health and wellness dreams! If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late! Head over HERE for all the deets on what the Challenge is, what people have to say about the Program, and how to get started!

Today, I'm answering ALL the questions about the Challenge and the Intermittent Fasting Program! Don't see your question? Feel free to email or DM me on Instagram and I'm happy to chat it out with you! :)

Get ready to feel energized, strong, clear minded, and AMAZING!

Are there options to adjust the Program to fit my goals?

YES! There's a section within the Program that explains how you can adjust the plan to focus on gut health, weight loss, increased muscle mass, or improved general health and wellness!

Can I workout while on the Program?

ABSOLUTELY!! In fact, Intermittent Fasting is great to use while working out! Studies show that Intermittent Fasting increases your body's production of growth hormone which aids in fat burning and lean muscle formation! ANDDD the Challenge Program includes a 3 week workout plan to directly correspond with your 3 week meal plan so that you get the most out of your IF experience!

Coffee gives me acid reflux. What should I do?

Try using Purity Coffee (you can find it HERE). It's free of the mold and mold-toxins that are typically associated with the negative side effects of coffee! You can also use my code "autumn" at checkout to get 50% off your first order! Read more about coffee and mold-toxins HERE.

What if I can't workout during the ideal window time?

In the Program and HERE, I discuss the best time to workout while utilizing Intermittent Fasting. However, if you can't workout during that time, then no worries! Just pick a time that you know you can be consistent with and stick to that!

I won't be able to eat until more than 2 hours after my workout has ended - is this okay?

Yes! Due to the increased growth hormone levels from fasting, your muscles are protected from breakdown. You can begin to eat when your window starts! Make sure to pay attention to how your body feels as well. Hydration during your fasting window is especially important!

Are there vegan/vegetarian options?

The Program is extremely flexible and provides options for vegan/vegetarian meals!

Is the Program gluten-free?

The Program is 100% gluten-free!

Does the Program count macros or calories?

If you've followed me for a while, then you know that I don't believe in counting calories - mostly because it doesn't work, it's tedious, and it isn't sustainable (you can read more about that HERE). The Ultimate 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program is specifically designed using nutrient timing, whole foods, hormone balance, and (of course) intermittent fasting to help you achieve gut health, weight loss, muscle toning, and overall wellness!

Can I drink alcohol while on the Program?

Oh yeah! I discuss healthy options and the best time to have alcohol in the Program!

Is the Program useful for both men and women?

This is a BIG yes! Both men and women can benefit from the healing powers of allowing your gut to rest (I highly recommend you watch THIS video with my explanation of the science!). I also review modifications that men and women can make to Intermittent Fasting within the Program to better fit their needs!

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