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Exactly What to Do On Thanksgiving to NOT GET BLOATED

Updated: May 27, 2020

Tomorrow's the big day. The one day of the year we eat pie, drink wine and roast up some turkey to our heart's content.

...but is it just me, or does anyone else feel TERRIBLE the next day??

I mean, sugar hangover, super bloated and overall just "bleh". It's inevitable given the high amount of sugar and processed carbohydrates that comes along with Thanksgiving. In fact, I explain the entire physiology of why you don't feel so great after Thanksgiving HERE.

But you don't HAVE to feel this way after indulging a bit on Thanksgiving. Today I'm sharing exactly what to do on Thanksgiving so that you DON'T feel bloated the next day!

healthy thanksgiving tips
You know I'll be having my Keto Coffee on Thanksgiving!

Don't Skimp at Break-Fast

Most people automatically default to eating less at their meals before Thanksgiving. But this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you want to do. If you don't eat until satiated (or until you feel satisfied/not hungry) at your break-fast, then this will increase the hunger and sugar cravings going in to Thanksgiving dinner. Because you're more hungry, you are also more likely to eat even MORE of the foods (like the pumpkin pie or bread rolls) that will leave you feeling bloated the next day.

Instead, eat your normal sized break-fast (and include your Keto Coffee, too!) so that you can shut off hunger hormones and not be STARVED going in to Thanksgiving dinner. That way you can eat a more reasonable amount of the desserts and treats that you love without overindulging.

Try my favorite fat burning smoothie recipe HERE.

Eat Lunch (if possible)

I realize that Thanksgiving is traditionally a very early meal. But if possible, I would recommend that you even sneak in one of your normal lunches as well. Any of the salad options from the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle would be great here. Just like with your break-fast, you want to keep your lunch as in line with your normal eating so that you can go in to T-Day dinner with stable blood glucose levels and not an insatiable urge to eat ALL the pies.

Realize This is Just ONE MEAL

With all of this being said, I think we also forget that Thanksgiving is literally just ONE meal. We put so much stress on this ONE meal and have this misconception that it will completely derail our wellness results. However the truth is less dramatic. This ONE meal won't reverse everything you have accomplished. In fact, just as we have discussed in the past, this "treat meal" can actually be beneficial for your long term goals. Remember to view this meal as what it is: a celebration, a time to be with friends and family - not a time to be overly strict and unrealistic with yourself. And as long as you've set yourself up using the first two strategies above, you know that you've done everything in your power to put yourself on the right foot going in to Thanksgiving dinner.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving, my friends! And don't forget to checkout the deets for the BLACK FRIDAY discounts HERE!

Your Nutritionist,


healthy thanksgiving tips

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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