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Updated: May 27, 2020

You've done it!! You took a MAJOR step toward your wellness goals by prioritizing YOU throughout the New Year Intermittent Fasting Challenge!

You reduced your sugar cravings, tapped into fat burning mechanisms, promoted gut healing, stabilized your energy levels and re-established a satiating and healthy relationship with food! These are no small victories. These are LIFE CHANGING, HUGE steps in the direction of your wellness DREAMS! And it's all because YOU decided to take the leap and start feeling GOOD again!

I'll Keto Coffee cheers to that!

Now for the Grand Prize deets... (pssst - skip ahead and submit your Grand Prize submission HERE! It's FREE and in just a few minutes you'll be entered in to win something BIG!!)

intermittent fasting challenge grand prize

In honor of YOU, today I'm sharing the details of the Grand Prize for the New Year Intermittent Fasting Challenge. One winner will receive (in my very humble opinion) the BEST grand prize that we have seen YET.

I wanted to make sure that these grand prizes would amplify your results with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle so that you can keep feeling AMAZING.

One randomly selected Grand Prize winner will receive... (drum roll please)


~FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to mold-free, organic Purity Coffee (est. value of $432)

~2 Tubs of Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen (est. value of $90)


How To Enter: Head Over HERE!

One Grand Prize winner will be randomly selected upon submission of your #WhatIFJourney story. Submit your story to enter to win the Grand Prize HERE. All submissions must be turned in by Sunday, February 16th 2020 at 11:59pm PST in order to be eligible for a chance to win the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Instagram and in the private AEN Facebook Group on Friday, February 28th 2020.

Don't forget to submit your story HERE to enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize!!

I can't WAIT to read your story!!! Keto Coffee cheers to YOU and your amazing success with the New Year Intermittent Fasting Challenge!!

Your Nutritionist,


intermittent fasting challenge grand prize

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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