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How Sally Reduced Her Steroid Usage From 20mg per Day to 1mg!! [and said bye to pain!]

I first met Sally at the gym. I try and meet up with my dad for a workout a few times a week (because he's an absolute genius when it comes to mobility/exercise). It was on one of those days at the gym with my dad when I was introduced to Sally. Sally is a patient of my dad's and was discussing with him her life-altering pain as a result of her Polymyalgia Rheumatica that wouldn't stop. That's when he introduced us and suggested that she take a look at her diet with me.

That was a few months back, and now Sally's life has completely changed. I'm EXTREMELY excited to share Sally's story with you today. Her story is a great example of the power of food and how consistent small changes are the key to healing your body and feeling good again.

Meet Sally ~

I'm an active woman who loves to go to the gym, play golf and play with my grandkids.  I just turned 70 last year and came down with something called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. It's an autoimmune disease that frequently hits women over 60. It sent me for a loop with tons of pain and stopped me in my tracks. The Rheumatologist's only solution is Pregnoisone (steroid) which is not a long term solution due to the side effects which can be severe over a long period. 

Why She Decided to Make a Change ~

I have always believed that food is the best medicine and I knew I needed a noninflammatory diet. I was lucky to meet Autumn through her father, Rob Bates who is my chiropractor. I really had no idea how to eat properly and for a few weeks, I didn't eat much at all. Autumn showed me how to eat with Nutritional Timing which keeps me from being too hungry and being tempted to eat the wrong foods. 

I've learned how to prepare foods through Autumn's and other chef's recipes so that I enjoy the meals and my husband does as well

The Changes She Experienced ~

The goal was to eat properly while reducing my steroids. I'm happy to say that I went from 20 mgs to 1mg of steroids over the last 5 months. My pain is minimal and my inflammation blood test has gone from 34 to a 5. Goal is to get to zero. There is always the concern of "flare ups" in this disease so I plan to be on this diet for the rest of my life. 

I actually can't imagine eating any other way now. There is effort involved in meal planning, finding the "quality food" in our markets and of course, more cooking. A great side effect is that I lost the extra 15 LBS I've been wanting to lose for 15 years. It's stabilized at a weight that is really perfect for me know and I'm not still losing.  

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Sally! One thing that I noticed with Sally is that after a few months of working together, she was able to move so much easier. This is a direct result from her decreased inflammation and pain. Being able to MOVE with ease again has helped to not just make her feel good, but also improve her quality of life by being able to continue doing the things she loves.

I hope that reading Sally's amazing health improvement will help inspire you to take that first step in healing your body naturally. There is truly no better feeling than when you feel AWESOME.

If you suffer from increased inflammation that is causing you pain or an inflammatory condition, schedule your Initial Nutrition Consultation HERE. FaceTime, In-Person and Skype appointments available. Together, we will create a plan that fits your lifestyle and helps return your body to a state of health!

Your Nutritionist,


Autumn Elle Nutrition

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