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How Sarah Reduced Her Heart Rate to 48 BPM (!!!) and Her Body Fat to Below 20%!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Recently, I've had a lot of clients and AEN peeps that follow the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program Protocols visit the doctor for physicals and checkups... and the results have been amazing. Let me introduce you to one of the many incredible humans who received clean bills of health ~ meet Sarah! Sarah DMed me on Instagram the other day to share her results - and I was astounded. Her health has made a MAJOR turn for the better and she's FEELING the positive results everyday!

Take a look at what Sarah had to say:

"My resting heart rate was 48 bpm (typical of a well trained athlete). BP (blood pressure) was 90/65, was not found to be deficient of any vitamins or minerals, my BMI was normal and body fat percentage was under 20%. AND they were able to test my Ketone levels and found my body is successfully in Ketosis 🙌🏻 which is so incredible for me since I used to tend to always have high blood glucose levels... no wonder I'm feeling so amazing!"

So what was Sarah doing?! I'll let her take it from here :) I'm SO proud of everything you have achieved, Sarah!!

What made you want to try the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program?

I’ve been researching the benefits of IF for months! I was so excited when I saw on Instagram (that Autumn was) holding a 21 day program, it was a great way for me to try it out!

What was your main wellness goal?

I am working on healing a life long battle with eating disorders , recovering anorexia/ bulimia sufferer; turned to obsessive dietary restrictions and binge eating. So I really wanted a program to incorporate whole healthy foods while decreasing “meal anxiety” (tying to plan 5-6 meals a day down to 3 and a snack!) and incorporating eating / fasting windows. My main goals for the challenge were to decrease cortisol and stress, increase melatonin and better sleep, and sustain energy levels throughout the day (without 2 cups of afternoon coffee!) .

Did you have any hesitations before getting started on the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program?

I have to say I am a LOVER of food (usually clean, whole, plant based foods) and I was really nervous to change my eating schedule. I’ve been so accustomed to eating right after my morning workout and snacking / eating every 3 hours all the way up to an hour or so before bed. But the meals (in the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program) were so satiating, I never felt hungry. The longer the program went on , the more I could really listen to my body to decide when to eat my meals within the window vs. just eating because I thought I had to every few hours to keep my metabolism going on high.

the ultimate 21 day intermittent fasting program meal plan review

What were your favorite meals from the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program?

My favorite meals were any of the smoothies! My husband loved the muffins too!

Did you learn anything about yourself in the process?

I definitely bettered my relationship with food, in turn totally boosting my self confidence! I am striving toward intuitive eating and the journey taught me SO much about what my body REALLY needs instead of what I assumed I should be giving it. Adding more healthy fats throughout the day and decreasing my sugar / carb intake during my first meal were game changers for me! 

What was your biggest wellness win??

I definitely slept much better! And in turn I think I had less sugar craving and mid day crashes associated with tiredness. But the BEST part of all is the my husband (king of the unhealthy) joined me for the program! He had a health scare a few weeks ago, has always battled with excess weight, high blood pressure and lethargy. HE TOLD ME THIS PROGRAM CHANGED HIS LIFE. He thanks me everyday and in turn I thank YOU so much for helping me, help my husband! It not only helped him lose weight and lower his blood pressure, it reconnected us as a couple by bringing us together in the kitchen making delicious, nutritious meals and discussing our health and wellness goals. I am truly elated that we are moving forward TOGETHER as our HAPPIEST, HEALTHIEST selves!

Anything else you want to share??

I am so proud of my husband and myself for sticking to the 21 day program and am thrilled we are continuing to use intermittent fasting to better our overall health. As an avid athlete, I strive to always learn new ways to improve performance, increase muscle, decrease inflammation, sleep better, eat better and be better! So thank you again for helping us both! 

Begin your wellness journey TODAY! Whether you want to improve your heart health (like Sarah!), lose weight, get better sleep, decrease your body fat percentage, balance your hormones - you CAN achieve it naturally!! Get started on your journey HERE!

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Your Nutritionist,


Autumn Elle Nutrition

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