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How Tory Gained Confidence + Energy With Food

Updated: May 27, 2020

Today I'm sharing a very special story of one of my clients, Tory. Tory lives in Minnesota and is an incredibly hard worker and overall kind hearted human. She first came to me about two months ago with weight loss goals in mind. She described how she had tried so much but still wasn't where she wanted to be. This included two-a-day workouts, calorie restriction, and high intensity interval training multiple times a week. She was tired of not seeing results while putting in so much effort. Working together, not only has Tory seen her body change, but she's also seen things she wasn't quite expecting like boosted energy and confidence. I distinctly remember one of our sessions when we FaceTimed and her face lit up the screen! She was absolutely shining with energy I'm so excited to share Tory's story with you today - especially if you feel like you have tried everything and still aren't feeling the way you want to feel. Tory is an inspiration and I'm so so so proud of her!

Your Nutritionist,


1. Tell us about yourself!

I’m a physical therapist in a small town in Minnesota. I’ve traveled the country for about 2 years working and have moved back home to be close to family! I love being active including anything from working out to paddle boarding, playing volleyball, and everything in between. I love helping people in my work and adore traveling and love going on new adventures. 

2. What made you seek out Nutritional guidance?

I help other people feel better and realized I was neglecting myself. I have struggled with hypothyroidism for many years and just assumed fatigue and weight gain was normal. I don’t like taking pills and wanted an all natural approach when Autumn popped up on my Insta feed. I was also tired of feeling run down, worn out, super low energy, and irritable. 

3. Did you try anything else before you came to Autumn?

I have tried all sorts of ways to lose the weight and gain energy. This is including Crossfit, Tone It Up, paleo lifestyle, and half marathon training. They all had their perks but I always felt something was missing. 

4. What were the changes that you experienced while working with Autumn?

Since working with Autumn, I have noticed improved sleep patterns with deeper more relaxed sleep. I’ve noticed more toning in my legs, core, and arms as well. I was always bloated in the evenings and have noticed a decrease in that as well! Looking back at pictures, I had dark circles, dull skin, and that constant tired look; those are barely there anymore.  The biggest thing for me is the confidence I have gained! I’m overall happier, more consistent, and genuinely feel good! 

5. What's the most surprising thing you learned about yourself in the process?

I’m a type A person and I do everything full force 100%! I’m too strict typically that when I “fall off the wagon”, I fall hard! I’ve learned that it’s about balance! To enjoy the moments with family and friends in moderation and make good choices in those times while also enjoying myself. 

6. What was your favorite part about working with a Nutritionist​​?

My favorite part of working with Autumn was that it was tailored to me! I explained my struggles and we made small changes so I wasn’t overwhelmed. I started noticing changes every day! I also greatly appreciate the ability to contact Autumn if I had any questions. Autumn made everything so easy and is so approachable! I immediately felt comfortable with her which allowed me to put my struggles and vulnerabilities out there right away! 

Coconut Chia Pudding

7. What was your FAVORITE meal?

My favorite meal is definitely the Satisfying Lean salad! I could eat it for every lunch! I could also eat the coconut chia seed pudding everyday! 

8. What would you like to tell someone who is thinking about getting help from a Nutritionist?

It is worth it! It can be scary to lay your personal struggles out there but the long term benefits far outweigh the initial hesitation. Plus, having a plan tailored to you will really help you reach your goals. 

9. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Autumn is so personable and is always there for me! She is realistic and an awesome teacher! She is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything in a way I can understand. 

SO SO SO Proud of you Tory!!

If Tory's story resonated with you, you can book an appointment and begin your health and wellness journey today! Schedule an in-person or FaceTime appointment HERE for a one-on-one, personalized approach! Not looking for quite as individualized of an experience? Then THIS may be for you!

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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