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London Healthy Travel Guide ~ Eat, See, and Do

Updated: May 27, 2020

Last week, Trevor and I spent the most amazing 7 days in our favorite city. We've been to London quite a few times now and plan on returning for even more future visits! When we visit ANY new city, we mostly plan our days around what our next meal will be (anyone else??). So you can safely guesstimate that I have tried quite a few restaurants in London now! If you're planning a trip to London, then there are a few places you absolutely MUST arrange your trip around!

Today I'm sharing my complete guide for what to do and where to eat in London. These are tips and places I've curated from multiple visits, weeding out the "just okay" and leaving behind the truly awesome. Keep in mind, London is a BIG city, so I'm leaving off many of the traditional (yet amazing) things to do like visit Big Ben, take a tour through Churchill's War Bunker, etc. There are plenty of other websites you can find to tell you ALL about those amazing sites! But THIS is your guide to eating and being well in London! Enjoy a cuppa for me! ;)

Where to Eat

Breakfast ~

healthy London travel breakfast brunch feya
Believe it or not, Trev was the one who ordered this smoothie bowl!


I'm putting this at the top of the list because everything about Feya was fantastic ~ the food was beautiful, the staff was friendly and the setting... WOW. Just take a peek at their Instagram for this unique design. It's located in Marylebone and an easy tube ride and quick walk to access it. I recommend the Rose Avocado Toast with Poached Egg, any of the salads or the Pastel Rainbow Smoothie Bowl.

healthy London travel breakfast brunch andina shoreditch
Chia Bowl + Berries and Trev's Superfood Smoothie!


Andina is a Peruvian restaurant located in Shoreditch. It's very reasonably priced, cozy and perfect for a healthy brunch. I got the chia pudding (which was very filling!), but they also have a variety of superfood smoothies and OMG worthy Peruvian Corn Cake. You can see more of Andina's amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner options HERE.

healthy London restaurants brunch breakfast farm girl
Poached Eggs + Labneh + Smashed Avocado = 😍

Farm Girl

This is a classic in my opinion. It's one of the first "trendy" brekky places I visited in London. Farm Girl is situated in Notting Hill, very close to Portobello Street which has amazing street side vendors and shopping. You can get rose lattes, buckwheat pancakes, poached eggs and turmeric lattes at this cozy location. They also have several other locations around the city.

Coffee Shops


This is more of a coffee shop meets co-working station, than a true coffee shop. But it's definitely worth the visit! They generally have plant-based salads, sandwiches and amazing coffee that you can sip and munch on. TY has multiple locations, but I loved their Seven Dials one.

healthy London travel pret a manger
Seriously, such a go-to. Plus, it's a good spot to grab a coffee and use the toilets real quick!


This is far from a quaint, cute little coffee chop, BUT it is a lifesaver when you need some organic coffee and a quick salad between activities. Pret is literally (seriously... no joke about this one) on almost every street corner in London. When I'm in London, I drink Pret coffee because it's organic and I've found it doesn't spike my anxiety the way other coffees do. They also have amazing options for açaí bowls, salads, nuts and hard boiled eggs for a quick bite to eat when you don't have time for a full meal.

Lunch ~

healthy London travel restaurants lunch deliciously Ella deli
Coconut Lentils + ALLLLL the greens plz.

Deliciously Ella

I've admired @deliciouslyella for a while now, so it was exciting to eat at her restaurant for the first time a few years back! Now, it's a spot I revisit when I need ALL the fiber after a crazy day of traveling. Her restaurant is located just a short walk from the Oxford Circus Underground and is a mere blocks from Hyde Park. So get a good, hearty and healthy lunch in, then head out for a stroll through the park!

healthy London restaurants travel Whole Foods
Whole Foods is just always there for me ❤️

Whole Foods

Again, not quite so quaint or unique, but when you're craving something a little more familiar and veggie-full, the Whole Foods Salad Bar is always there for ya. We only ate at Whole Foods once during our trip, but it was nice to know that it was there if we didn't have an option available to us. There are a few locations scattered throughout London, but probably the easiest to access is the one in Piccadilly Circus ~ very close to the shopping and theatre!

healthy London restaurants - the detox kitchen
A quick bite before heading out to see a play in Covent Garden!

The Detox Kitchen

It's amazing the gems you can find when you search "healthy trendy restaurants in London". That's literally what I typed into google when I found The Detox Kitchen. This is more of a grab n' go, but they also have a sit down option as well. If you're looking for plant-based meals, but also want the option to throw some chicken or fish on there as well, then this is your spot! Try getting a meal to go and taking it to the park to sit and enjoy outside! This may not work as well during the winter months ;)

Dinner ~

healthy London restaurants travel - farmacy high tea
Oh hi Trev.


What's London without High Tea?! Farmacy is a plant-based restaurant located in Notting Hill. I didn't try their dinner while I was there, but it all looked AMAZING. Rather, Trevor and I experienced their High Tea... and wow. All of the ingredients were vegan and free of added sugars, so we didn't feel as weighed down as you normally would after a decadent high tea experience. If you're looking for a traditional high tea, this isn't for you. But if you are interested in trying something new with a hint of tradition (and a whole lot of cashews, cacao and CBD), then I definitely recommend Farmacy! The high tea must be booked in advance, so keep that in mind if you do choose to go!

healthy London travel restaurants - dishoom
Dishoom's always deliciously garlic naan and black dal.


I discovered Dishoom two years ago after a few people on Instagram recommended it to me. Dishoom is an Irani café that just does food right. The lines are ALWAYS out the door with a claim that it will be a 2 hour wait. But even if the wait did take that long (it was usually half or less the wait they told us), it would be worth it. Plus, Dishoom serves you the REAL DEAL chai latte for free while you're waiting in line. That alone and I'm sold.

healthy London travel restaurants - spaghetti house
In my happy place. A good glass of red wine and spaghetti bolognese.

Spaghetti House

Okay, not the healthiest per se, but you know that I'm all about having one treat day a week. In fact, studies show that this helps you to achieve your wellness goals better than eating clean 100% of the time. So since I love pasta, I sat down at the Spaghetti House in Covent Garden and ate quite literally the best spaghetti bolognese of my life. Just do it. Eat the spaghetti.

Tandoor Chop House

This restaurant is Northern Indian cuisine meets classic British yums. Trevor claims that Tandoor's lamb is the best he's ever had (I don't love lamb, so you'll have to take his word for it! Although, I still thought the lamb at Tandoor was quite good.). Plus their naan... 👌🏻 It's also within walking distance of some major sites like Big Ben and the London Eye. We made a reservation, but they also take walk-ins.

What to Do/See

healthy London travel - regent and Oxford street
Seriously... can you GET more iconic London than this photo?!

Walk the Streets + Shop:

Some of the more notably beautiful streets that are great for shopping include Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus. But don't be shy about exploring the side streets as well! Many people will stay on the main streets because that's where the crowds are. But we found some rather amazing side streets that bring you back to 18th century London vibes.

healthy London travel - shoreditch street art
Trev standing in front of one of the seriously impressive Shoreditch street art that we passed by.

Street Art in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is like the Venice, CA of London. In Shoreditch you can find tons of yummy restaurants (like Andina!) along with some pretty impressive street art. I recommend first having a destination in Shoreditch in mind (such as Andina), then taking a stroll from there.

Winter Wonderland

Going to London during the holiday season?! Then you DEFINITELY need to stop by Winter Wonderland in the middle of Hyde Park. Here you can go on rides, eat some treat food and bask in the truly inspiring holiday spirit that Winter Wonderland provides. Keep in mind - entering Winter Wonderland is free, but you may want to purchase the roller coaster pass if you plan on riding a lot of the rides. It adds up quickly otherwise! You can catch a glimpse of Winter Wonderland in my "What I eat in a day" video above!

healthy London travel - Harry Potter studio tour
Just me and my butterbeer hanging outside of Harry's Godric's Hollow house. NBD. (!!!)

Harry Potter Studio Tour

I mean... if you're a Harry Potter fan then this is a MUST. This is literally where they filmed Harry Potter. It's breathtaking the detail of the sets and learning behind the scenes info that went into the making of each film. But make sure you book at least 3-4 months in advance. It fills up really fast.

healthy London travel - Hyde park
PINK pelicans in Hyde Park (!!!)

Walk the Parks

This is my favorite thing to do while in London. Most of us don't live near a ton of green, plant-filled areas, so walking around such immense parks is a breath of fresh air (literally). Grab a cuppa and take a stroll around Hyde, St. James, Green and Regent Park. There are tons more than just those 4, but those are the most central and probably closest to whatever else you have planned that day.

healthy London travel - primrose hill
The picture does NOT do it justice! You just need to see it for yourself!

Primrose Hill

Finish off your evening by taking the Northern Line up to Camden Town and walking over to Primrose Hill. Atop this little grassy knoll is the most beautiful, unobstructed view of the entire city sky line. Go at night for the best view.

The biggest mistake you can make while visiting London is trying to fit too much into one day. Trev and I only really had 3 things planned out for the whole week (HP studio tour, high tea and a New Years Eve party). One of the joys of vacation is doing exactly what you feel like, when you feel like doing it. So my advice ~ plan a few key things, then play it by ear. Use my guide as you see fit, but don't overwhelm yourself with a to-do list.

Enjoy London and everything it has to offer!

Your Nutritionist,


Autumn Elle Nutrition

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London Healthy Travel Guide ~ Eat, See, and Do: Explore London's vibrant scene while prioritizing your health and well-being. From nutritious dining options to active sightseeing, make the most of your trip while staying in a comfortable house rental.

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