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My Go-To Upper Body Circuit For Strong, Sculpted Arms

Updated: May 27, 2020

Earlier this week, I shared one of my all-time favorite upper body workouts on my Instagram story. I use this routine about two times a week to keep my entire upper body and postural muscles strong! Let me also clarify, I am naturally extremely weak in my upper body. In fact, I didn't even start incorporating upper body/back exercises into my routine until about three years ago because I was embarrassed by my inability to do basic moves like pushups and bicep curls.

If you are less strong in your upper body, you can still use this routine! I recommend starting off with lighter weights (3-5lb to start). As you get stronger and stronger, you can begin challenging yourself with heavier weights - this is where the real sculpting magic happens! I use about 12lbs for the first two circuits and 5-8lbs for the final two circuits. But this took me YEARS to get to this point! Listen to your body ~ if it's ready for a challenge, then bump up the weight! And remember, proper form is everything, so if you are using too heavy of a weight that isn't allowing you to use proper form, then drop down to a lower weight.

Autumn's All-Time Fave Upper Body Routine

Go through 2-3 rounds of each circuit! Try to limit your rest between each round to 15 seconds. Allow for 30-60 seconds of rest between each circuit. I recommend warming up with a 20-30 minute walk or 5-10 minutes on a row machine.

Circuit #1 ~ using 5-12lb dumbbells

Bicep curls x 15 reps

Shoulder press x 12 reps

Overhead triceps extension x 15 reps (drop down to 1 dumbbell for this)

Circuit #2 ~ using 5-12lb dumbbells

Bent over row + triceps extension x 10 reps

Rear flys x 8 reps

Upright rows x 6 reps

Circuit #3 ~ using 5-8lb dumbbells

Arnold press x 10 reps

Hammer curls x 15 reps

Lateral raises x 10 reps

Circuit #4

Plank row to press x 6 reps/side (use 3-5lbs for this)

Tricep dips x 15 reps

Pushup x 8 reps

Make sure to properly refuel post workout! Try adding THESE 3 ingredients to your smoothie for maximum recovery! Remember, you don't have to eat IMMEDIATELY after your workout. Just make sure that you're having nutrient packed food all day long and your muscles will get all the recovery it needs!

And make sure to tag me in your Instagram photos @AutumnElle_Nutrition so that I can see your post workout meal creations and sweaty selfies!



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