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[QUIZ] Are You Addicted To Sugar? Find Out With This 5 Minute Free Quiz!

are you addicted to sugar

Sugar is in almost everything, but not all sugars are created equal.

Foods that contain added sugar can cause wild blood sugar spikes and falls that lead to an addictive like spiral and intense cravings that can be impossible to ignore.

But it appears that not everyone has this same response to sugar.

Some people can have a small sweet treat on the rare occasion without it turning on this addictive spiral, while others experience strong, irresistible cravings after a single bite.

Considering sugar's well known negative impacts on energy levels, weight gain, heart disease, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, it's important to consider how much and the quality of sugar we eat on a daily basis.(1)

Whether or not you're "addicted" to sugar will dictate how much and what types of sugar you should eat to achieve your weight loss goal, increase your energy levels and feel more satisfied with your meals.

To help you determine if you might be addicted to sugar, I've created a free 5 minute quiz.

Scroll down to discover if you might be addicted to sugar and what to do about it.

If you're looking to start removing high sugar foods and replacing it with low sugar, nutrient dense alternatives, you can checkout my free Sugar Detox Food List HERE.

Want the step-by-step guidance for your sugar detox journey?

Grab the 7 Day Detox program that our community RAVES about!

7 day detox review

7 day detox review

7 day detox review

Delish recipes and science-backed tips to help you reduce sugar cravings and jump start your wellness journey.

Get started HERE!

7 day detox



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