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The St. Patrick's Day Liver + Body Detox is HERE!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Take a second and think of how you have always felt the day after St. Patrick's Day. Do you feel refreshed? Energized? Mentally clear? If we're being honest, the answer is probably no. I mean, there's only so much green beer and Irish Soda Bread that your liver can process at a time!

That's why the AENpeeps are ALL doing the 7 Day IF Detox together starting the day after the celebrations ~ Monday, March 18!

The 7 Day IF Detox is specifically designed to create an environment for your liver to successfully remove toxins out of your body. It includes food and lifestyle practices to follow for the 7 days in order to excrete toxins and feel more energized and clear minded.

So mark your calendar for March 18 and grab your 7 Day IF Detox HERE if you don't already have it downloaded. Make sure to read through all of the information and Detox Commandments so that you can make the most out of your detox experience!🤓

You can also share your experience during the Detox with hundreds of other AENpeeps in the Autumn Elle Nutrition Private Facebook Group ~ click HERE to join!

Want some inspo for the detox? Check out THESE 4 remarkable detox stories!

In the meantime, let's talk about WHY we need to detox in the first place.

Why Detox?

Processed carbohydrates, excess sugar, trans fats and - of course - alcohol, are all required by the liver to be broken down and removed from the body. When these substances are had in small amounts every now and then, your liver is able to successfully convert and excrete all of the toxins out of your body. However, if you're having these items on the daily (or a massive amount all in one day), this overloads your liver.

how to detox your liver naturally - detox program autumn elle nutrition review

Just like any machine, your liver can only process so many toxins at a time. For example, let's say your liver can process 10 toxins per hour. But on St. Patrick's Day, you take in 20 toxins per hour. All of those excess toxins that weren't able to be immediately converted and excreted need to be stored in a safe spot away from your blood supply so that the toxins don't damage your cells, organs and brain. These excess toxins are therefore stored as fat around the liver so that your liver can deal with the toxins at a later date.

The reason why a detox is so important is because it provides time for your liver to address this build-up of fatty toxins. Left unchecked, that fatty build-up will continue to build upon itself and results in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or even liver cirrhosis.

What happens when you Detox?

Your body is detoxing all the time. Your liver is the main organ that does the job for you. In a non-toxic, added sugar-free, no processed foods world, we wouldn't need to do anything to enhance detoxification. However, with added sugars, alcohol and the like, it's essential that we provide some assistance for our livers every now and then - otherwise we face issues such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Benefits that can occur with detoxification:

-reduced inflammation

-increased energy levels

-weight loss

-reduced risk of fatty liver disease/cirrhosis

-decreased breakouts/acne

Want more details of what happens when you detox? Check out THIS post.

I can't wait to Detox with you!! Let me know that you're doing the Detox by sharing the photo below on your Instagram stories along with #IFDetox and @autumnelle_nutrition!

P.S. I'll be releasing a new video on detoxification on my YouTube channel tomorrow, so make sure you're subscribed HERE in order to be informed once it's released!

7 day intermittent fasting detox program review autumn elle nutrition

Your Nutritionist,


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Autumn Elle Nutrition

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