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Well+Good's 2019 Wellness Trend Predictions ~ Here's What You Need to Know

Updated: May 27, 2020

Every year, Well+Good puts out their predictions on what they believe will be the wellness trends for the following year. In general, they're pretty spot on in retrospect. I was browsing the top trends list for 2019 this morning and realized that the wellness trends are FINALLY actually catching with true wellness... and I couldn't be more excited about it!

When I was in my undergrad Nutrition schooling, much of the information heavily relied on counting calories and increasing exercise in order to achieve goals. And that's it. But as you know from reading my articles and watching my YouTube videos, health, wellness and weight loss have SO many more factors than that! Hormone Balance, restoring normal cortisol balance, getting better sleep, stress reduction, using mold-free coffee and decreasing (NOT increasing) your exercise to name a few!

That's why I was SO excited to read a few of the predicted trends for next year in the wellness space and how they are COMPLETELY in line with what we talk about here on Autumn Elle Nutrition!

Today, I'm sharing 3 of the top trends for 2019 as stated by Well+Good and how you can implement them TODAY!


The Importance of TRUE Self-Care

This is the NUMBER 1 wellness prediction!! Many people structure their days so rigidly to attempt to fit in every self-care treatment known to man that they end up increasing their stress and cortisol levels in the process ~ the exact OPPOSITE of what you are looking to achieve in the first place!

Something most of us are missing from our self-care routine is reflection and down time. Self-care can be as simple as choosing to read a book at home vs. grabbing drinks with friends or sleeping in if you went to bed late vs. waking up early to get your workout in (Regardless of how much sleep you got). It DOES NOT have to mean meditating for 30 minutes everyday, buying expensive crystals/powders/supplements/green juices or ONLY eating clean 100% of the time!

Check out THIS article on how to have the best wellness weekend ever. Also, check out THIS article on why you shouldn't eat clean 100% of the time.

Balanced Hormones are the Missing Wellness Component

Your body has SO many hormones that are in control of functions ranging from fertility, sleep, hunger, fat-burning, motivation and MORE. Unfortunately, most people experience imbalanced hormones and symptoms such as weight gain, brain fog, hunger, low energy, sleep-deprivation and infertility. This is number 6 on Well+Good's top 2019 wellness trends and for GOOD reason. Hormones have a direct hand in every aspect of your life... this means BALANCING them and understanding when your hormones are OUT of balance is crucial!

Get a head start on balancing your hormones in 2019 with my free Hormone Balancing Series HERE!


Cortisol Conscious Workouts VS. Excessive Exercise

This clocks in at number 8 on the Well+Good wellness trends of 2019! Cortisol is naturally produced from exercise. Normally, this is fine. But with the current fitness mentality of "more is more", this has caused a major hormone imbalance in many men and women. This can lead to weight gain around the belly, increased anxiety/depression, increased blood glucose levels, decreased fertility and increased risk of chronic disease.

Find out why walking is actually the new running when it comes to weight loss/cortisol reducing workouts HERE.

Overall, it appears that Nutrition and Fitness is (finally) shifting toward TRUE wellness ~ a state of mind and body where not only have you achieved your fitness/nutrition goals, but you ALSO are happy, have high energy levels and feel GOOD.

Get weekly, science-backed tips and strategies on how to achieve TRUE wellness by signing up for the AEN Newsletter HERE! Once signed up, you'll instantly receive an email with the top videos, recipes and articles to get started on achieving your wellness goals!

2019 is going to be an exciting year for wellness and I'll be sharing tons of free articles, videos, recipes and strategies in order for you to achieve your wellness goals!! This is an exciting time, my #AENpeeps. I can't WAIT to be part of your wellness journey!

Your Nutritionist,


Autumn Elle Nutrition

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