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What's It Like Working With a Nutritionist?

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Health + wellness is such a complex topic with so many roots and factors. If you're working toward a goal like losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing your energy levels, clearing your acne, steadying your blood glucose levels, reducing your anxiety, or just feeling good, then you may have thought about reaching out to a Nutritionist for help. Working one-on-one with a Nutritionist can be that final determining factor in helping you reach optimal health and reaching those goals that you've set for yourself. But maybe you aren't sure exactly what working with a Nutritionist means. Today I'm sharing with you what you can expect from working with a Nutritionist and how (and why) it can fit into your life!

What does a typical appointment look like?

Whether your appointment is in-person, over the phone or on FaceTime/Skype, a Nutritionist will typically review your Health History with you first. This part is crucial. With my clients, I use this time to understand any underlying factors that could be deterring results. I also use the History Review to understand you and your specific needs, food preferences, schedule, culture, and all other individual factors that make up your lifestyle. This is very important because nutrition and lifestyle changes are not a one-size fits-all solution. Finding what works best for YOU is key to help you see the results you want.

Do I have to change everything about my diet?

Not at all!! In fact, I work very hard to make the slightest changes required to meet your goals so that you feel comfortable and confident with the changes. For example, if you aren't a fan of kale, then you absolutely don't have to eat it! The world is filled with so many nutritious foods - and I work with you on finding which ones can fit into your taste preferences while still meeting your goals. Check out my L.A. Street Tacos recipe HERE and Superfoods Pancakes recipe HERE!

What techniques do you use?

This depends on you and your goals. For example, the tools I use for the professional athletes that I work with will be different than what I use to help another person lose weight/gain energy/clear acne/decrease anxiety, etc. This is why individualizing your approach is key to reaching your goal.

How long does it take?

Again, this depends on you and your goals. A big part of seeing a Nutritionist is about learning tools that you can use and navigating how they effect your body. I've seen that this type of support helps my clients achieve their goals faster than they expected.

What results can I expect?

To feel amazing! No matter what your goal is, a natural side effect of working with me is feeling empowered to make your own decisions and reach your health and wellness dreams. This may be gaining muscle, losing weight, balancing your hormones, clearing your acne, boosting your energy levels, and so much more! You can check out the stories of some of my clients HERE.

Commit to yourself and your wellness dreams and schedule your Initial Consultation appointment HERE! Skype + FaceTime appointments are available. I'm so excited to be part of your health journey!


Autumn Bates, CCN, MS, BS, CPT

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