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My Top 3 Bread Alternatives For Weight Loss [Pre-Made, Homemade + Budget Friendly Options]

As most of you already know, I studied abroad in Italy, studying the Mediterranean diet. I was also on a very strict budget at the time, which means I LIVED off of bread, pizza and pasta. After my 6 weeks in Italy, I came back with a higher body fat percentage and feeling low energy and bleh.

As we've discussed, traditional bread products are not great foods for a weight loss goal (you can get the full science breakdown with THIS video of mine). And some people are going to have a stronger reaction to these processed starches than others (meaning, some might be more carbohydrate sensitive). Granted, this doesn't mean you need to give up bread forever. I love incorporating bread or pasta products up to once a week as a "treat meal".

If you're used to using bread on the daily (avocado toast, break-fast wraps, sandwiches, wheat tortillas, etc) then you'll want to check out my top three bread alternatives that aren't going to cause your insulin levels to go crazy high and turn off fat burning in your body.

There are a LOT of these "low carb" products on the market, but from my experience and working with clients, many of these pre-made options can still lead to a weight loss plateau (or even weight gain).

Today, I'm sharing my top three options that I have found work very well with my clients and myself in stabilizing energy levels, tapping into fat burning mechanisms and achieving a weight loss goal!

best low carb bread for weight loss

Coconut Wraps [Pre-Made Option]

This is the one "pre-made" wrap that I've found is very high quality and still works with weight loss goals. The ingredients are incredibly wholesome: organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic coconut meat and organic coconut water. I love using this to make break-fast burritos or to use as a "sandwich" wrap for egg salads (pictured above). These aren't the most budget friendly, but if you're looking for a high quality wrap option for those fast and easy situations, this is a GREAT route.

best low carb bread for weight loss

Flax Bread [Homemade Option]

I first found this recipe through the Hemsley sisters (you can check out their original recipe HERE). I tested this out and really liked the texture and was surprised how "bread-like" the consistency was. However, I adjusted the original recipe to not include sugar (I found it wasn't necessary and would make this a bit more in line with weight loss goals).

Here's my adjusted recipe from the original version:

Flax Bread [Adjusted Recipe]

Makes 6 "breads"


1 cup flax seeds, ground (original recipe says you can also use whole seeds, but I found a better texture with the ground. Make sure to grind this when you're ready to make the recipe, not pre-ground.)

1 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp. sea salt (I personally used Celtic Sea Salt for this)

Pinch of pepper

3 eggs, scrambled (I haven't tested this out using chia eggs, but if you do, let me know how it goes!)

3 Tbsp. grass-fed butter, melted (or coconut oil - but I used butter)

2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar (THIS is the brand I use)

3 Tbsp. water (I found that I only needed 2 Tbsp. water, so try using less first and see what's needed)

1/2 tsp. dried thyme

1/4 tsp. garlic powder (I added this as a deviation from the original recipe and it was SO.GOOD.)

optional 1 Tbsp. sesame seeds for topping

  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

  2. Combine the flax seeds, baking soda, sea salt, pepper, thyme and garlic in a bowl.

  3. Add the eggs (or chia eggs, if you're experimenting with a plant-based option!), melted butter/coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and water. Let this rest for 5-10 minutes to thicken (I found mine needed a little more time, around 10-12 minutes).

  4. Scoop out 4-5 Tbsp. of batter and form into a "patty", then place on the baking sheet. Continue this until all batter is used. Optional to sprinkle with sesame seeds at this point.

  5. Bake for 20-22 minutes and allow to cool before using. Slice the "bread" in half and use as a bun or bread replacement.

I've used this for break-fast sandwiches, egg/avo toast and as the base to a typical chicken sandwich. This option is the next best, in terms of budget. But if you're short for time, then the coconut wraps OR the next option will be best for you.

best low carb bread for weight loss

Thinly Sliced Jicama, Turnips or Radish [Budget Friendly Option]

These are great as taco shell replacements to still provide a bit of crunch. Also, if you're following the Advanced Weight Loss Strategies in the Complete IF Bundle, this is a great option to use for the upgraded LA Street Tacos recipe! I used jicama in the picture above with the Huevos Rancheros recipe.

The key is to get the jicama (my personal fave) or radish or turnip very thin. In order to get the veggie very thin, I suggest using a mandoline slicer. It's pretty difficult to achieve the thin slices with a knife and the mandoline is just SO much easier.

THIS is similar to the mandoline that I use for making veggie taco shells. It's also really handy if you're roasting veggies and you want them EXTRA crispy. Just remember, it's VERY sharp, so be careful when you're cutting your veggies! Always use the "hand guard" that comes with it!

All of these are great options to use within the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle protocols to achieve your weight loss goals. I suggest testing out wrapping one of your salads from the Bundle with the coconut wrap, pairing one of the egg scrambles with the flax bread and using the thinly sliced jicama for the Huevos Rancheros!

Eat meals you LOVE, tap into fat burning mechanisms and achieve your wellness DREAMS with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle!

best low carb bread for weight loss

Don't miss out on feeling GOOD again! Head over HERE to get started!

Your Nutritionist,


best low carb bread for weight loss

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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