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10 Simple Habits That Helped Her To Lose Over 44 Pounds!

2023 is ALMOST here!!✨

On Monday, January 2nd 2023 we're kicking off the New Year Intermittent Fasting Challenge!

If you haven't already joined, head over HERE for the deets to get started! You'll be joining thousands of AENpeeps like Jeannette, Karola and Guylaine in the incredible journey to start tapping into fat burning mechanisms and feeling GOOD again!

In honor of our upcoming New Year Challenge, today I'm sharing Guylaine's top 10 tips for success!

Guylaine recently lost over 44 pounds while following the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle and is feeling great. If you missed her super inspiring interview, you can check it out HERE.

I've asked Guylaine to share with the community the tips that have helped her most throughout her journey. These are practical and insightful tips that helped Guylaine throughout her 44 pound weight loss journey (and beyond!), so make sure to take notes! :)

Scroll down for Guylaine's top 10 tips that you can use throughout the New Year Intermittent Fasting Challenge!

intermittent fasting meal plan for women autumn bates review

1) Trust the process

My confidence in IF/AEN Nutrient Timing is infallible. Because of my results early on in my journey, and on a continuous basis for 13 months now, there is no stopping me from losing weight. I am 100% sure that I will not gain weight. Not even one pound. I start each month knowing that I will weigh less at the end of it. That is very motivating for me.

2) No willpower necessary

Along the same lines as above, contrary to other ways of losing weight, I do not rely on willpower to get through and have amazing results. I am no longer in a battle with food. I eat foods that tell my body to use fat as fuel. It is as simple as that. Through learning about nutrition and how my body responds to food I feel every day is a new day. Knowledge is my power. I discover something new every day. It’s like I started yesterday. I am not fatigued, I am not falling off the wagon and I don’t feel like a wound up toy.

intermittent fasting results

3) Every day weigh in

I know Autumn suggests not to do this but because I have so much confidence in what I am doing I prefer to weigh myself every day. I do it at the same time in the morning. Every morning I look forward to doing it and I use the weekly average of my daily weigh ins as a marker for the week. I am kind of a data nerd. I add the 7 days weigh ins up, then divide by 7. This is more encouraging especially if I eat protein-fat and fiber and don’t snack. The ups and downs of tenths of a pound from one day to the next subside on the weekly average.

4) Patience

At the beginning because I had so much weight to lose I was losing 5 to 6 pounds a month which was great and exciting. These few months became my base for the confidence I have in this process as stated in an earlier tip. I am thrilled to lose 2-3 pounds a month now and the question for me is what is my goal weight? When will I be on maintenance?

autumn bates sunrise surprise smoothie

5) Plan my main meals for the week

At the end of each week usually on Thursday or Friday I plan my lunches for the next week (Saturday to Friday’s). Lunch is the bigger meal of the day and it has to be a meal I look forward to have. It has to be delicious. It contains protein and lots of veggies through a salad or as roasted veggies. For dinner I have different meals that consist of as much protein as possible through smoothies, brekky bowl types or pickled eggs with salad and cheese crisps etc. Dinners are not really planned I go for what I feel like.

6) I break my fast with protein

About a month ago I started breaking my fast by eating two scrambled eggs every day. Just the eggs. Then I have coffee. I never eat enough protein so this is a good start for me. What I have noticed so far is that around 3 or 4 pm my hunger is normal as opposed to me being really hungry or famished. My energy is really good and I have the feeling I will find many more benefits of doing this.

autumn bates egg scramble recipe

7) I drink water or pickle juice to deal with cravings

I rarely have cravings. When I do, it is because I did not eat enough protein or fat. When I get a craving I drink water or pickle juice. The taste of the pickle juice satisfies me and any kind of vinegar is good for digestion and lowering my insulin level.

8) "Joy on my plate"

discovering new foods and AEN approved recipes give me strength and get me results. A few examples pickles, parmesan cheese crisps, organic bacon, cauliflower rice, chia pudding. I eat the food I love on the protein-fat-fiber model and I learn to love new foods as well.

9) I deserve refinements

Because I don’t have so many coffees per day anymore and that I am very sensitive to caffeine I have recently changed the way I make my coffee. I use a French press and grind my coffee beans fresh like Autumn does. I use the best decaf coffee beans I could find in my country. Not using a bleached paper coffee filter and grinding the beans fresh make a world of difference and it makes the taste of decaf coffee superior, almost as good as regular caffeinated coffee. It’s more time consuming but so worth it. I am worth it.

10) Retrospection is key and don’t abuse the little things

I have found that abusing foods that seem innocent like nuts and seeds, maple syrup, air fryer French fries and too many servings of berries, is not good. Whenever I have cravings or experience a stall in my weight loss I ask myself why? I have to be real. I readjust and move on. I am kind to myself and I tell myself that I am doing the best I can while learning. Making the small adjustements gets me over the hump every time.

I can't wait to kick off the New Year Intermittent Fasting Challenge with you! Don't forget to grab your Meal Plans HERE to get started!

Your Nutritionist,


intermittent fasting meal plan for women

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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