Eat These 10 Foods RIGHT NOW To Lose BELLY

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The start of fall often means the start of holiday parties, sugary pumpkin spice lattes and various treats. And if you're looking to achieve a weight loss goal (and more specifically to reduce belly fat), then it might feel like your fall meal options are limited.

But today I'm sharing 10 DELICIOUS fall foods that you can eat RIGHT NOW that taste amazing and help support a weight loss goal.

Scroll down for some major fall foodie goodness!

Brussels Sprouts

Depending on where you live, it could very well be Brussels sprouts season.

Brussels sprouts contain glucosinolates and sulfur containing compounds that aid in phase 2 liver detox.(1) This is incredibly important for getting rid of the processed sugars, fructose and grains from the body while working toward a weight loss goal. Especially with all of the holiday events coming up, loading up on some detox promoting foods may be a good idea!

Try my simple and DELICIOUS Brussels sprouts sauté with THIS recipe.

Grain-Free Oatmeal

Regular oats are not a good option for a belly fat loss goal because it can greatly spike the storing hormone insulin and is so incredibly low in protein needed for body recomposition.

To solve this oatmeal dilemma, I’ve created quite a few grain-free, high protein alternatives that are AMAZING. I like stirring in my zero sugar vanilla protein powder to give the grain-free oatmeal an extra boost.

Checkout one of my favorite grain-free oatmeal recipes with the video above.

Stewing Meat

The humble stewing meat makes some of the coziest most delicious meals that are perfect for colder weather. I mean onions, garlic, slow cooked meat… wow. AND it also tends to be one of the least expensive cuts of meat while also being loaded with protein, making it an incredibly amazing option for a weight loss goal.