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My Go-To 3 Ingredient Healthy Thanksgiving Side Recipe

Updated: May 27, 2020

Thanksgiving gets a bad reputation for not being the healthiest of meals. And yes, there are ample amounts of bread rolls, pies and desserts that can up the amount of refined carbohydrates and sugars in your meal. But overall, Thanksgiving is made of some pretty great options that can still help you achieve your wellness goals!

You already get your protein with the Turkey as well as some amount of starchy carbohydrate with the sweet potato (or regular potato mash). Now, we just need to load up the plate with those non-starchy veggies, too!

Today, I'm sharing my go-to, extra crispy Brussels sprouts recipe that is PERFECT for Thanksgiving. Plus, it only requires 3 main ingredients, keeping prep to a minimum. I'll be making this recipe for my Thanksgiving, but it's also a great option to pair with your meals even when it's not time to feast on T-day.

Whip up these super simple, extra crispy Brussels for an instant hit with all of your family members on Thanksgiving (and they don't even need to know it's healthy!).

healthy thanksgiving sides recipes

Crispy Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

Serves 4-5


1lb Brussels sprouts (look for smaller Brussels sprouts as these make for the most crispy options!)

1 Tbsp. grass-fed butter (swap for additional olive oil if vegan)

1 Tbsp. olive oil

sea salt

1. Wash and quarter the Brussels sprouts. Cutting the Brussels sprouts into quarters is the KEY element to making your Brussels extra crispy while also cooking all of the way through. If you have particularly smaller Brussels sprouts, then you can cut them into halves.

2. In a large wok or pan over medium high heat, add the butter, olive oil, Brussels sprouts and a heavy pinch of sea salt. Sauté the Brussels so that they are coated in oil and butter, then flatten them out as much as possible on the pan/wok so that they are equally exposed to the heat. This ensures that the Brussels get extra crispy.

3. Allow the Brussels to sit in one place for 5-7 minutes before lightly sautéing and flattening out again. Cook for an additional 5-7 minutes.

4. Depending on the size of your Brussels sprouts, you may need to cook your Brussels for a little longer.

5. Serve with your favorite Thanksgiving mains!

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Have an amazing Thanksgiving, my friends!

Your Nutritionist,


healthy thanksgiving sides recipes

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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