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Autumn Elle Nutrition

Certified Clinical Nutritionist | Sports Nutritionist | YouTuber | Recipe Developer



My name is Autumn and I'm a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with my Masters in Sports Nutrition. 

My passion is to help YOU achieve your wellness dreams through natural, science-backed nutrition and lifestyle strategies and delicious food tailored to your preferences and goals.

I can't wait to be part of your wellness journey!

Your Nutritionist, 



Jane, 23

I haven’t had an anxiety attack in months. I’m completely off my antidepressants, which I 100% attribute to my diet and lifestyle changes.

Elliot, Professional Athlete

Autumn was great to work with! She made it super easy to reach my goal and I feel better than ever. She was very easy to get a hold of with any questions which made it even easier to stay on track with what I was eating.

Britnee, 25

Autumn has literally saved my sanity in more ways than one! I started to trust Autumn SUPER fast. I trusted her with everything in me and felt so comfortable she was going to help me.

How I Can

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