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New to Intermittent Fasting? Then this is where you should start! With the Bundle, you save $30! The Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle + Supplements Guide includes:


  • 7 Day Intermittent Fasting Detox Expanded + Revised (Pre-Requisite)

  • The Ultimate 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Guide *UPDATED* (Phase 1)

  • Intermittent Fasting Guide: Level Up *UPDATED* (Phase 2)

    • Includes 6 unique protocols depending on your goals!

      • Gut Healing Guru

      • Beauty Queen

      • The Athlete

      • Hormone Balancing Pro

      • Advanced Weight Loss Strategies

      • *BONUS* Wedding Protocol

  • THRIVING Cookbook

  • Supplement Guide


Pre-Req: Promote liver detoxification and prep your body to ease the transition to Intermittent Fasting.

Phase 1: Learn the science-backed details and how to get started with Intermittent Fasting and AEN Nutrient Timing.

Phase 2: After completing 1-2 rounds of the 21 Day IF Guide, use Level Up to hone in on your specific goals with the unique protocols! 


100+ recipes (like Upgraded LA Street Tacos, Pumpkin Chili Goodness and Peanut Butter Cookies!!) to help you achieve your goals!


Check out a sneak peek into The Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle HERE!


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Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle + Supplement Guide!

  • This bundle includes digital eBooks. Unauthorized sharing, copying, or distribution of The Level Up Program, The Ultimate 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program, The Supplement 101 Guide, 7 Day Intermittent Fasting Detox and/or THRIVING Cookbook  is prohibited as a violation of the Copyright Act and may result in a fine up to $250,000.