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Not sure about your current supplement routine? Is it actually helping? Are you taking them at the right time or for the right purposes?

In this comprehensive supplement guide, Clinical Nutritionist and Sports Nutritionist Autumn Bates breaks down exactly which supplements are ideal for specific situations. 

She shares all the science-y deets of:

  • travel supplements
  • sports/athletic supplements
  • skin supplements
  • gut healing supplements
  • anxiety reduction supplements
  • immune boosting/cold remedy supplements
  • supplements to be cautious of


She also shares which supplements you should be cautious of and which don't necessarily live up to their reputation (hint: are BCAAs worth the money?). 


Autumn also answers YOUR questions about supplements! You may even spy your own question in there ;)


And of course, you know Autumn shares all the research so that if you want to take a look at the studies yourself, you can!!


This Supplement 101 Guide will help you make educated decisions on which supplements are best for YOU!


*Disclaimer: The author is NOT a doctor. Any decisions you ultimately make about your supplement routine must be discussed with your doctor to ensure that it is the right choice for you and your health history. 


Due to the nature of a digital download, the ebook(s) are inelligible for return/refund once purchased. For questions, please email info@autumnellenutrition.com.

Supplements 101 Guide

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