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Join The FREE 100 Mile Walking Challenge!!

walking for weight loss challenge

We're officially in full swing with the holiday season, which means you might be noticing some extra sweet treats sneaking into your day. Thankfully, walking is an excellent tool to help naturally stabilize blood sugar levels during the holiday season.

BUT... consistency matters if you want to see results with walking.

So, to help keep all of us on track during the holiday season, I've created a FREE 100 mile walking challenge for us to follow throughout the entire month of November!


walking for weight loss challenge calendar

How To Join The Challenge

We'll be walking a total of 100 miles throughout the month of November. This equates to roughly 3.3 miles per day (or around 6-7k steps per day, depending on the length of your stride).

All you have to do to join the Challenge is download your calendar (HERE) and start walking!

We're starting the Challenge on Wednesday, November 1st, so get ready to get those steps in!👟

And you know what helps with consistency? Accountability and support! Grab your friends and family members or join the AEN Facebook Group to share your journey all month long!

You can join the AEN Facebook group HERE.

Are you in?! Let's DO THIS!

Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of walking and some of my top walking tips!

Benefits of Walking

Walking has a plethora of known and studied benefits, but these are some of my favorite perks:

  • Walking at least 8,200 steps per day has been found to help reduce risk of obesity, incidences of GERD/acid reflux, sleep apnea and major depressive disorder.(1)

  • Walking outside in a natural environment (like the park, a garden or the beach) has been found to lower the stress hormone cortisol.(2)

  • Walking for at least 30 minutes per day 5 days per week has been found to help reduce your risk of heart disease by roughly 19%.(3)

  • Walking after meals may help reduce post-prandial (after-eating) blood sugar levels.

  • Those who walk 30-45 minutes per day have about 43% fewer sick days.(4)

  • Studies find walking can help improve your mood and boost self-esteem.(5)

walking for weight loss Fitbit versa 4

My Top Walking Tips

Walking is a simple and easy exercise to incorporate into your routine, but below are some of my top walking tips to help make it even easier to incorporate.

  • Break up your walks. Instead of going for one long walk, break up your walks into 10-15 minute "mini" walks. This not only makes it easier to fit into your day, it also is better for weight loss and wellness goals.

  • Get a step tracker. This isn't necessary, but it's a great tool! I use the FitBit Versa 4 to track my steps throughout the day. You can also "challenge" your friends to step challenges throughout the week through the FitBit app.

  • Walk after meals. Even a 5 minute walk after your meal could help to lower and balance blood sugar levels.

I'm so excited to kick off this free challenge with you!!



walking for weight loss autumn bates
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