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How to BURN FAT Without Exercise [4 Rules]

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

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During the fall and winter months, it can be pretty easy to accidentally reduce your activity level. It's darker and colder out, and daily walks or early morning workouts might not be an option. Or perhaps you've been injured and you literally can't workout for a given number of weeks.

...does this mean that you can't achieve your weight loss goal during this time?

Of course not! In fact, exercise has little to do with weight loss. Today, I'm sharing one of my most popular YouTube videos as well as the details within the video on how you can burn fat without exercise below!

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Rule #1 - Don't Starve Yourself

In the very short term you will lose weight with calorie counting and reducing your calorie intake overall. However, this is NOT a long term solution. In fact, after you have stopped "dieting" (and I'm using the term "diet" because that most accurately describes calorie reduction), your hunger hormone ghrelin stays elevated, making it difficult to maintain your progress. Not to mention your body also decreases your BMR (metabolism) in response to low calorie intake. This is most obvious with the Biggest Loser contestants and their difficulties maintaining weight loss long after the show ends. There's also the other side effect of issues with fertility when calorie intake is low.

With this in mind, you don't want to starve yourself and significantly drop your calories while you are unable to workout. This will just end up working against your goals.

Rule #2 - Don't Fight Your Physiology

With rule #1 in mind, rule #2 focuses on boosting the satiety of your meals. This will tell your body that there is plenty of food in the environment so that it won't increase hunger hormones or decrease BMR. Plus, with proper Nutrient Timing, you can reap the benefits of boosting fat burning mechanisms too.

By eating full meals and focusing on satiety, this also reduces snacking. By reducing snacking, you're reducing the amount of time that your insulin (storing hormone) is raised which also aids in tapping into fat burning mechanisms.

Rule #3 - Don't Rely on Convenience Snack Options

Especially if it's low calorie. These items include protein bars, crackers, granola, snack packs, popcorn bags and chips. Especially because these foods tend to be low in the satiating factors of protein, fat and fiber that will allow for breaks between your meals. Remember, the more often you eat, the more likely your insulin will be high and therefore your fat burning will be turned off.

Instead, focus on satiating meals that contain protein, fat AND fiber, like with the Chia Porridge with Raspberry Compote from the new Autumn's Nerdy Kitchen Cookbook.

Rule #4 - Incorporate Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting helps to extend your morning "fat burning" by boosting growth hormone and reducing insulin. Plus, AENpeeps have found that by implementing Intermittent Fasting, their sugar cravings disappear, which further helps to reduce blood sugar and therefore insulin levels!

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