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SUGAR DETOX | What I Eat In A Day As A Nutritionist

Today I'm sharing what I eat in a day when I'm not having any added sugar.

I actually eat like this most days, because quite frankly it's pretty easy (and delicious).

When I don't eat added sugar, I feel energized, my mood is stable, my sleep is better and I have a much easier time achieving (or maintaining) my body recomposition goals.

In fact, I often feel silly for sharing these "what I eat in a day without added sugar" blogs or videos because it's not very hard... when done the right way.

But I know that it can feel daunting at first when you decide to reduce or eliminate added sugar if you don't quite know what to replace it with.

In this blog post, I'm sharing delicious and simple meals I make to help reduce my cravings for sugar while still loving my meals.

If you prefer a visual, you can watch the video at the top of this blog post.

what I eat in a day sugar detox

Sugar Detox: Defining Terms

The goal with a "sugar detox" is to help reset taste buds. Eating a lot of sugar can sway our preferences to wanting more sugar. By having these occasional "clean slates" (sugar detox), it can help to reset sugar cravings.

And when I say zero sugar, I mean zero added sugar.

But that doesn't just mean the sugar you would see in sugar packets.

Because sugar technically comes in anything that contains carbohydrates (other than fiber). All carbs (except for fiber) break down into sugar in the body.

This includes healthier food items like strawberries, peaches, broccoli and butternut squash. But it also includes nutrient poor options like candy, sugar cane and soda.

And then you get the more "hazy" sugars like fruit juice, maple syrup, coconut nectar and dried fruit. These are often seen as "healthy" alternatives and therefore can be used without negative impacts.

Although these are more nutrient dense options than candy and soda, a lot of these foods are still very high glycemic load and can have a massive impact on blood sugar levels, on par with the unhealthy options.

So even though something like fruit juice comes from an orange or an apple, it still can spike blood sugar levels and perpetuate a lot of those sugar cravings and side effects that sugar has on the body.

So when I'm focused on not having an added sugar, I like to simplify the matter by focusing on low to medium glycemic load foods in their mostly whole form.

This makes it clear what will help to support my goals while eating nutrient dense, delicious foods.

What I Eat in a Day of Zero Added Sugar

Enjoying your meals is a crucial part of removing sugar. If you hate your meals, it's very easy to give in to sugar cravings. However, if your meals are flavorful and delicious (while also being packed with protein, fat and fiber), it helps to make it much easier to avoid the temptation of sweet treats.

Below is an example of what I eat (and drink) in a day of zero added sugar. Again, if you prefer a visual, you can scroll up to the top of this blog post for the video.


Everyday, but particularly on days I'm removing added sugars, I make sure to focus on being properly hydrated.

For me, this means having about 120 ounces of water per day (but I'm also currently breast-feeding, so I need quite a lot of water).

When removing added sugar, this can result in a drop in the storing hormone insulin.

As insulin drops, it can cause the body to release excess water and electrolytes.

In order to prevent dehydration and low energy levels, I make sure to prioritize water and electrolytes throughout the day.

Coffee with Half and Half

I like to have my coffee with a splash of half and half. I've found this helps to add a nice richness to my coffee without needing to add sugar to enjoy it.

I personally use the brand Purity Coffee, which is an organic and mold-free coffee. You can grab it for 20% off with my code AUTUMN at checkout HERE.

autumn bates protein pancake

[Break-fast] Lemon Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Eating enough protein is the most important thing to focus on when reducing sugar. Protein helps to signal to the brain that you're full and satisfied, which can shut off cravings for sugar.

I love making protein pancakes to get a boost of protein while still enjoying a classic breakfast item.

I use my zero sugar, pasture-raised protein powder for a hint of sweetness without any added sugar as the base of my pancake.

You can find a similar protein pancake recipe HERE.

To add a bit more protein and fat to further reduce sugar cravings, I topped my protein pancake with a dollop of whole milk skyr (a high protein yogurt) and a drizzle of almond butter.

[Break-fast] 1/3 Caffeinated Whole Milk Latte

On this day in particular, I felt like having a second coffee. But having too much caffeine can result in poor sleep, which can increase sugar cravings.

So I opted for a 1/3 caffeinated whole milk latte made with Purity Coffee's "Balance" line (a 1/3 caffeinated coffee).

I also used whole milk in the latte.

Whole milk has been found to be better than low fat dairy at reducing hunger.(1) This is likely because whole milk contains both protein and fat to raise satiety hormones and reduce appetite.

It also just tastes so much better.

scrambled eggs

[Lunch] Scrambled Eggs with Cottage Cheese and Avocado

When reducing sugar, I like to make one of my meals with eggs as the protein.

Eggs are incredibly satiating.

When compared to other food items, eggs have been found to be better at reducing hunger and cravings later in the day.(2)

I like to scramble eggs with cottage cheese in order to hit 30 grams of complete protein at lunch. For an extra boost of fat and fiber, I also added 1/2 avocado.

roasted veggies and pesto

[Dinner] Grilled Chicken with Roasted Veggies and Pesto

This meal was definitely not lacking in flavor!

And remember - enjoying your meals is a crucial aspect of reducing sugar.

If you hate your meals, you will crave sugar because you're looking for something exciting to eat.

For dinner, I marinated chicken in yogurt and various greek style spices before grilling it.

I then roasted beets, bell pepper and sweet potato in the oven before topping it all with homemade pesto.

Sweet potato is a medium glycemic load food, so I made sure to balance it out with other low glycemic load veggies and plenty of quality protein.

As I'm currently strength training, having some sweet potatoes helps to also improve muscle recovery.

This simple meal was fresh, flavorful and packed with micronutrients, protein, fat and fiber to help shut off sugar cravings and make my zero added sugar day a complete breeze.

Want the step-by-step guidance for your sugar detox journey?

Grab the 7 Day Detox program that our community RAVES about!

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7 day detox review

7 day detox review

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