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The One Negative Thing That Has A Positive Impact On Your Health

Updated: May 27, 2020

Ever notice how you feel emotionally and physically drained after being on the computer all day? Or how you feel zapped of energy after binge watching a TV show? Or how your anxiety levels increase when you've been inside your office or house all day? There are a couple of factors that contribute to this, but one overarching theme is due to this thing called positive ions. Positive ions may sound like a good thing, but when it comes to your health, it's actually not good at all. But first, let's bring it back to the basics.

The science deets you know I can't NOT rant about

Our body's naturally have both positive and negative ions. These are produced from various chemical reactions in your body. You also can receive positive or negative ions from your environment. When you have a balance of both negative and positive ions, your body is in a state of health and abundant energy. However, most people have an excess of positive ions which leads to anxiety, low energy, poor health, and a lack of zest for life.

Positive ions are found from computers, tv, air conditioning/heating, fluorescent light, rubber soled shoes, and cell phones. Negative ions are produced from natural blowing wind, moving water (like crashing waves or a river), and grounding (see my post on grounding HERE). Ever noticed how you feel stress literally melt away when you walk on the beach or by a lake? It's because you're absorbing all of those negative ions!

Here's what happens with positive Ions

Positive ions are chemical compounds in your body. They "steal" electrons from other compounds and this results in the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are those nasty things you try and get rid of by eating tons of antioxidant rich foods like cruciferous veggies. Free radicals damage the cell membrane of all of your cells which results in inflammation and a state of fight or flight. In other words, your body becomes drained of energy, your immune system goes down, anxiety goes up, and you just don't feel good.

Here's what happens with negative ions

A review of many different studies have found that exposure to negative ions helps to increase your serotonin levels (feel good hormone), increase immunity, and decrease depression. The review found that when exposed to negative ions, it significantly helps decrease the severity and symptoms of depression, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), anxiety, and sleep disorders. It also boosts feelings of relaxation which helps promote the rest and repair mode that is needed to repair muscle tissue post workout.

Let's do this!! So how do you get your daily dose?

It's SO simple! All you have to do is get outside. If you live by the beach or a lake, go for a 15-60 minute walk everyday and soak up those negative ions. Don't live by a body of water? No problem! Walk to your local park and take a brisk stroll, making sure that you're moving your arms back and forth while you walk (so that you can create "wind"). Bonus points if you include grounding too which will further help you soak up those negative ions.

Incorporating negative ions into your daily life is so simply (and free!!) and can make such a drastic improvement on your health and happiness level. Make sure to leave your technology behind while you get your dose of negative ions! Instagram and email can wait 15-30 minutes ;)

Your Nutritionist,


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