Your Mini Guide to a One Day DIY Wellness Retreat

Updated: May 27, 2020

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You've probably noticed a theme with my articles - wellness and stress reduction are key for longterm, sustainable health. We just simply can't thrive while being in a state of fight of flight 24/7. It's not possible. Your body physically can't go into rest and repair mode (a mode that is needed to repair muscle tissue after a workout, clean out old cells so that you can have increased energy levels, and detox toxic compounds so that your hair, skin, and eyes will be bright and shining) if you constantly have elevated cortisol levels. These elevated cortisol levels can (and do) come from a variety of sources: work life, family life, environmental toxins, poor diet, mold toxin exposure (hello coffee), negative thoughts, disease, poor sleep hygiene, and excessive alcohol or caffeine intake. Any of those ring a bell?

All of us are exposed to some combination of stressors everyday, which is why taking time to repair in our fast paced environment is essential. It's not a selfish act, rather it's a requirement if you want to live a life with full energy, a positive attitude, and free of chronic disease.

In the past I've shared an article on why taking a break is so important to your health (you can find that article HERE). In that article, I discuss the scientific reasoning behind it, as well as the fact that taking weekend "DIY Wellness Retreats" is important for your health. This is something I incorporate into my own life every weekend and have seen amazing results for my outlook on the rest of the week, my anxiety levels, and my performance with my career. Today, I'm breaking down how you can incorporate an even more abbreviated version of the DIY Wellness Retreat, so that you can do this more often! Especially with the amount of stress in most of our lives, the more often you can incorporate some of these steps in, the better the outcome.

Start by picking a few hours on the weekend

Preferably, every weekend! But of course, this isn't always an option. Like I said above, the more often you can fit these tools in, the better. But it all starts with picking a few hours of undisturbed time to dedicate to reducing your stress levels, balancing your hormones, and bringing your body back to a state of homeostasis. This last weekend, I chose the hours of 2pm - 5pm. Yes - even three hours will work!

Next, set your itinerary

I'll go over a few options that you can do below. Some are more advanced strategies (like the infrared sauna) and others are easier to implement regardless of your budget and time frame. The point is to pick 2-4 wellness promoting items so that you fill your time but you don't feel rushed.

Shut yourself off from the world

Helloooo do not disturb mode on your phone! This element is crucial for unplugging and allowing your mind the rest from notifications and disturbances. Remember, this time is about you.

Set the stage

If you don't already have a dedicated meditation space in your house (which honestly, most people don't, so that's okay!), make one! Creating an environment that promotes rest and recovery is key. If you have access to an outdoor space with lots of green plants, set up there. Being exposed to nature during this time has been found to naturally decrease your cortisol (stress) levels. If you don't have access to outdoors, find an area that has some plants in your house and set up there. Grab a comfortable blanket, play some yoga meditation music (I found a playlist on Spotify literally titled "Yoga & Meditation), and clear the space of clutter that could distract you.