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10 MUST HAVE Intermittent Fasting Essentials For Beginners | Intermittent Fasting Starter Kit

If you're new to Intermittent Fasting, there are a few things you'll want to make sure you have on hand to help make your journey so much easier. These are tools that I personally use as a Nutritionist who has been following Intermittent Fasting for over 7 years. I also recommend these items to my clients and community to better help them achieve their weight loss and wellness goals.

Let's dive into it!

intermittent fasting essentials for beginners

autumn bates smoothie

#1: Thermos For Smoothies

Smoothies are fast and easy break-fast meal options that can be loaded up with the protein, fat and fiber needed to support your goals. It's also a convenient meal option that can be eaten nearly everywhere ~ in a meeting, while traveling, etc. But to make this happen, you'll need a good thermos to help keep your smoothie cold. In our community, we recommend blending the smoothie in the morning and storing it in the thermos to have when you're ready to break your fast.

There are a variety of great thermos options out there, but one of my favorites is the Yeti.

ketone meter

#2: Blood Glucose/Ketone Monitor

You don't need to measure your blood sugar or ketone levels, but if you're data driven then this little tool can help you measure your progress with Intermittent Fasting. Ketones during the fast can signal that your body is burning fat as fuel. With the KetoMojo meter, you can also test your blood sugar levels after a meal to see if certain foods aren't working for you and your goals.

I personally have and use the KetoMojo to test both blood sugar and ketones. I like that it's very user friendly and affordable.

You can find it HERE.

purity coffee autumn bates

#3: Good, High Quality Coffee

Coffee can be used during the Intermittent Fast and is a useful natural appetite suppressant for when you're first getting started. For the last 6-7 years, I personally have only used organic Purity Coffee because it's mold-free and optimized for antioxidants. Plus, it's super smooth, making even black coffee taste yummy.

You can get 20% off Purity Coffee using code AUTUMN at checkout HERE.

keto coffee autumn bates

#4: Coconut Oil

Depending on your goals, you can add a bit of coconut oil into your fasted coffee to help naturally suppress the appetite even further. The medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil help to provide instant fuel for the body without spiking insulin and breaking a fast. Most organic unrefined coconut oil brands will do the trick. I like Dr. Bronners.

Try adding coconut oil into your coffee with my homemade Keto Coffee recipe HERE.

#5: Really Big Water Bottle

When Intermittent Fasting, the body releases a lot of water and sodium. If this water isn't replaced, it can lead to dehydration and headaches. I've found having a really big water bottle on hand helps making drinking more water even easier. I personally like the 40 oz. Stanley, but any large metal or glass water bottle will do. I recommend staying away from plastic bottles.

#6: High Quality Protein Powder

Getting adequate protein is crucial for achieving a body recomposition goal. It's also needed to help suppress hunger and sugar cravings. However, getting enough protein can be quite tricky with Intermittent Fasting because the eating window is smaller. This is where adding in a high quality, zero sugar protein powder can be really useful. I like to add 1-2 scoops of my zero sugar Pasture-Raised Protein Powder into my smoothies, chia pudding, protein pancakes or even a cup of almond milk to make sure I'm hitting my protein needs. Plus, each bag comes with a free download containing 10 protein-packed recipes that you can use during your eating window.

Stock up on my DELISH zero sugar protein powder HERE.

apple cider vinegar sipper

#7: Apple Cider Vinegar

Studies have found that diluted apple cider vinegar (or even lemon juice) can help to stabilize blood sugar level after a meal.(1) This stable blood sugar level could help to prevent energy crashes, hunger and sugar cravings later in the day. In my Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle, we use a diluted apple cider vinegar 15 minutes before breaking the fast to help optimize the eating window.

I like to use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, but you can get a similar effect with lemon juice.

LMNT electrolytes autumn bates

#8: Electrolytes

Remember how I mentioned that during the Intermittent Fast it's easy to lose a lot of water and electrolytes? Well if you drink a lot of water without replacing the electrolytes, you could be making your electrolyte imbalance even worse. This could result in symptoms like headache, low energy or muscle fatigue. To help combat these common Intermittent Fasting symptoms, I always add a zero sugar electrolyte to 1-2 glasses of my water throughout the day.

The only electrolyte company I use is LMNT electrolytes, which is zero sugar, specifically developed for Intermittent Fasting and lower carb eating and contains high levels of electrolytes to help restore the balance.

You can find LMNT electrolytes HERE.

#9: Community Support + A Great Plan

Whenever making a lifestyle change, it's helpful to have a group of people who are on the same journey as you by your side. This makes change less daunting and more exciting. If you don't have friends or family members who are on this wellness journey with you, you can find thousands of men and women around the world to share your journey with in our private Facebook group. This support system can't be underestimated! When you feel stuck or if you're excited about a wellness win, you can have folks to chat with and bounce ideas off of.

Those in our Facebook group also follow the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle to help guide them along their journey. The Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle is our step-by-step, meal-by-meal guide to Intermittent Fasting. It contains over 100 recipes, 8 weeks of meal planning and the Intermittent Fasting tips and strategies to help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.

You can find the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle HERE.

autumn bates intermittent fasting bundle

#10: Simple Freezer/Pantry/Fridge Options

When you're in a pinch, having fast and easy ingredients to whip up into a meal can be a lifesaver, especially with Intermittent Fasting. Some of my favorite items to keep on hand include canned tuna (I love the brand Safe Catch), cottage cheese, greek yogurt, peanut butter, almond butter, frozen cauliflower rice and eggs.

Get the step-by-step, meal-by-meal Intermittent Fasting plan to help achieve your weight loss and wellness goals with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle!

autumn bates intermittent fasting bundle

❤️ Autumn

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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