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10 Steps to Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals During the Holidays

Updated: May 27, 2020

Next week is THANKSGIVING 🦃🥧

Because the holiday season is quickly approaching, this week on my weekly newsletter, I shared 10 tips to achieve your wellness goals while still enjoying the holidays. And YES - you can do both! This was one of the most popular emails that I've sent out, so I wanted to share it with you today! These tips are taken directly from my email to the #AENpeeps yesterday. You can get this exclusive wellness content by subscribing to the AEN Newsletter HERE.

Follow these tips and you'll be able to enjoy the holidays and still achieve your wellness dreams!

healthy holidays stay on track - weight loss
Pumpkin Chili featured from the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program

1. Don't go to a party hungry🍴

This always leads to eating way too many cookies... or pie... or cinnamon rolls. It's not your fault either! When you're hungry, your body tells you to eat the fastest source of energy - aka sugar. Instead, eat something nutrient dense like THIS or THIS before you head out. Bye-bye sugar cravings!

2. Get your vitamin D.☀️

We get the majority of our vitamin D from the sun. Since it's rather dark and cold during fall/winter, you most likely aren't getting enough of this crucial vitamin. AND low vitamin D levels are linked to anxiety and depression. I use a vitamin D3 supplement in the range of 2500-5000 IU/day during these seasons to make sure I get enough. You may want to get your levels checked by your doc or EverlyWell to see how much you need. 

3. Focus on your veggies FIRST.

Aim to have 1-2 cups of veggies in your lunches and dinners. And have those FIRST. This will prevent overindulging on sugary desserts by shutting off hunger hormones. Get some recipe ideas HERE

4. Don't skimp on the fat.🥑

Fat is needed to produce a compound called CCK. CCK is needed to decrease hunger and increase satiety. Decreasing your fat intake will decrease your CCK and make you RAVENOUS. Learn how much fat you need per day HERE

5. Drink water... seriously.

Just a friendly reminder to drink more water! Aim for half your weight in ounces. Example: 140 pound person should have around 70 oz. per day. This is important for skin health and satiety. 

6. Use your coffee to decrease anxiety and increase fat burning.☕️

If you've been reading my articles or watching my YouTube videos for a while, you know that your food/drinks have a direct impact on your anxiety. Learn exactly what type of coffee you need to decrease anxiety and tap into fat burning mechanisms HERE

7. Eat MORE.

Seriously. Learn more HERE

8. Get outside when you can.

I know it's cold, but on nicer days, get outside and absorb those negative ions! Not sure what they are? Get the deets HERE

9. Rest your gut.

This is one surefire way to quickly recover from a holiday party and get back on track! Get started HERE

10. Get sleep.😴

Sleep is essential for balancing your hormones and achieving your wellness dreams. Plus, no one likes feeling tired. Get the best sleep of your life HERE

Happy Holidays!! Don't forget to join the #AENpeeps and get weekly information (like this!) HERE!

Your Nutritionist,


Autumn Elle Nutrition

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