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How You Can Look and Feel Your Best Ever in Just One Month

Updated: May 27, 2020

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Summer is SO. CLOSE. (!!!) And everything that comes along with Summer is just around the corner ~ music festivals, summer break, and beach side vacations. Yes please! Whether you're rocking that bikini pool side or dancing all night long in the desert, feeling like your most confident, healthiest self is super important. Other than feeling fit and strong for your vacation, boosting your health will help you shine from the inside out.

Think clear skin, decreased bloating, boosted energy levels, decreased anxiety, and radiating happiness that improves every relationship in your life... not to mention reaching your fitness goals!

When your nutrition and lifestyle is in-line with your goals, you can't help but feel like your best self. Everything is in sync. Bringing that level of health, fitness and happiness to everyone is my main mission in life. I want you to live the best version of your life that you can imagine... I want you to THRIVE!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nutrition and wellness is not a one-sized fits all approach. Maybe you aren't a fan of salads, maybe you have issues with certain types of fruit, maybe you're gluten-free, or maybe you just haven't seen results from other programs... and that's OKAY! It's another example of how unique and beautiful your own body is. While working with me, we'll be utilizing advanced strategies while still eating foods that you enjoy in order to bring life long wellness, weight loss, muscle gain, or whatever your goal may be!

This Spring, I'm offering an exclusive plan to reboot your routine and prepare you for your healthiest, most fulfilling and confident season yet!

What's included in the One Month Wellness Reboot?

~ 2 (two) 30 minute one-on-one counseling sessions (FaceTime/Skype appointments available)

~Thorough Nutrition and Health History review

~ Nutrition Action steps personalized to your specific goals and lifestyle

~ THRIVING cookbook with 30+ nourishing meals

~ Text/email support throughout the month to answer any questions to help you succeed

~ 3 day example meal plan based off of your individual food preferences and goals

Learn more HERE!

I'll be with you every step of the way during this one month program to ensure that you feel prepared with everything you need to meet your goals.

Learn more about the program HERE and book your initial appointment HERE!

I'm SO excited to work with you and see the amazing results that one month will bring!

~Autumn Bates, CCN, CPT

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