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Introducing... Build-A-Box!

You might have noticed that we introduced a brand new feature to our shop ~ the Build-A-Box!

Ever since the release of my zero sugar, pasture-raised protein powder in August of 2022, we've been working hard at providing even more ways to customize your experience.

First, we created multiple delish flavors to work with any of your favorite meals.

autumn bates protein powder

Next, we offered a subscription and free shipping discount for our loyal AENpeeps.

There was just one problem...

We weren't able to create a custom subscription box option.

This means previously if you wanted more than one flavor in your subscription, you had to order two separate subscriptions.

There was also zero flexibility in frequency. If you wanted your order to come once every two weeks or every month or maybe every 6 weeks, you didn't have the option to customize your experience. You were stuck with just a one-time-per-month order, and that just simply didn't work for everyone.

AND to top if all off, you weren't able to make any changes to your subscription on your own. All changes needed to be emailed to our AEN Team (thank you Katy and Scott!😉) to make those adjustments for you.

But we are always trying to make achieving your weight loss and wellness goals easy (and delicious).

So after a lot of trial and error, we finally have a new option available for maximum ease and customization!

autumn bates protein powder

Introducing... our Build-A-Box!

The Build-A-Box is our new subscription service that we developed for you to have full control over your protein powder orders.

Check it out HERE.

Full Customization!

Now you can combine multiple flavors in your subscription! Want a few vanilla and a chocolate option? You've got it! Want to throw in an unflavored? You can do that, too! Now you can mix and match so you always have the right flavor for your protein smoothies, waffles, pancakes, chia puddings and yogurt bowls.

autumn bates protein powder

Choose The Frequency That Fits Your Life

Are you a huge protein fan and need your deliveries more frequently? Or perhaps you like to casually add our protein powder to your smoothies and don't need it as often. Either way, you now have the ability to have your protein powder sent to you monthly, bi-weekly, every 6 weeks, every 8 weeks or even weekly!

Switch It Up!

Now the real fun part... switch up your entire subscription as needed!

You can now change the frequency, the quantity or even the flavors in your subscription. So if you suddenly realize you need protein STAT or you're going on vacation and need to take a pause, you can now make any changes you need!

You can find our new Build-A-Box HERE.

autumn's protein powder


Where can I find the Build-A-Box?

You can find the Build-A-Box HERE. You can also find it on the top right (or at the bottom, if using mobile) of our website toolbar.

I have an old subscription that I'd like to update to Build-A-Box. How do I do that?

Do I get the same subscription and shipping discounts?

How do I make changes to my Build-A-Box subscription?

I'm so excited for you to get your new Build-A-Box! Head over HERE to grab Autumn's Protein Powder today!!



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