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THRIVING Recipe Sneak Peak ~ L.A. Street Tacos

Updated: May 27, 2020

Cooking, eating and nutrition are my biggest passions... which means that I'm constantly making tons of amazing new recipes using nothing but the best, most tasty and nutrient dense ingredients! My mission has always been to create recipes that feed my body with what it needs as well as what my taste buds want too. What's really amazing about the body is that the more often you give it what it CRAVES, the more it rewards you with things like increased energy levels, clear skin, and natural healthy weight loss. Once you've actually experienced what REAL food can do for you, there's no going back!

My journey with cooking started when I was about 6 years old. I remember watching my mom make homemade soups and sautés with vegetables she bought at the farmers market So much love went into those meals (and still do to this day!). Anyone will tell you that they way I show love to those around me is by sharing a dinner table with my homemade meals with them. That's how I give love - and honestly, I believe most people like to receive love in that way too! ;)

Today I'm sharing a little love with you in the form of my L.A. Street Tacos recipe featured from my cookbook THRIVING. It's best paired with the SoCal Spicy Guac recipes in my cookbook too!

This is an absolute staple for me during the Summer when all I want is to kickback after a long day and have some tacos {and maybe a spicy marg too}.

I love to make everything from scratch, but it's not necessary to make some bomb tacos! I'll be sharing a tutorial soon on how to make your own non-GMO tortillas from scratch! They taste SO much better than the pre-made version and require minimal prep! Stay tuned ;)

These tacos are nutrient dense which means that they provide a multitude of benefits: beans provide insoluble and soluble fiber that helps to promote healthy gut bacteria (read about the healthiest way to cook beans HERE); onions and cilantro have major detoxing benefits and help support liver health; avocados provide fat soluble vitamin E which assists with anti-aging; and all those spices in salsa help to decrease inflammation in the body!

This is also an incredible recipe to share with friends and family. They're quick and easy to throw together - and you can create a taco bar so that each person can make their own creation!

L.A. Street Tacos

Serves 1


4 oz. cooked grass-fed beef (or other protein of choice. If vegan/vegetarian, double the amount of beans)

1/4 cup black beans, heated up

1/2 cup red onion, diced

1 red bell pepper, diced

1/4 cup salsa

1/4 cup cilantro, diced

1/4 cup guacamole (the SoCal Spicy Guac is AMAZING with this)

4 romaine lettuce leaves (or organic corn tortilla - organic is KEY when using corn based products!)

1. Top all ingredients on the romaine lettuce or corn tortillas!

Pro-tip ~ One of my favorite things to do is make homemade pickled red onions to go on top of these tacos! Before you start prepping the tacos, just thinly slice 1 full red onion. In a medium sized bowl add 1 cup water, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbsp. organic sugar (or coconut sugar) and 1 tsp. salt. Add the onions and allow to soak for at least an hour at room temperature before serving! You can keep them for 1-2 weeks. They're great tossed on salads too!

Looking for even more healthy recipes to whip together in minutes? Check out my cookbook THRIVING! I provide 30+ of my favorite recipes over the years that help to keep energy levels high, skin clear and glowing, and fat-burning mechanisms boosted! You can check it out HERE!

Happy cooking!

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