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What Does Butter In Coffee ACTUALLY Do? [And How To Make It]

Butter in coffee goes by quite a few names: butter coffee, Keto Coffee, Bulletproof Coffee. But what does butter in coffee ACTUALLY do? Today, we're diving into the fat burning, satiating health perks of butter coffee!

butter coffee

What Does Butter In Coffee Do?

Adding a high quality butter to your coffee provides satiating fatty acids that help to prevent hunger. The fats in butter stimulate the hormone cholecystokinin (aka CCK) which signals to your brain that you're not hungry. This is why butter coffee (or "Keto Coffee") is a great tool to use with Intermittent Fasting. Because adding butter to coffee does not contain any sugar or protein, so it won't spike the storing hormone insulin and therefore won't break an Intermittent Fast.

Not to mention, grass-fed butter is a great source of butyric acid, which has been found to aid in decreasing inflammation in the gut.(4)

butter coffee

They key to using butter in coffee is that you aren't adding in any sugar or protein. Many people in the U.S. are used to adding sugar sweetened creamers or syrups to their morning cuppa, which greatly spikes the fat storing hormone insulin. But when working toward a weight loss goal, one of the main objectives is to not spike the storing hormone insulin as frequently so that the body can naturally shift back into fat burning mode. This is why men and women around the world have opted for butter coffee instead of sugary coffees.

butter coffee

Is Butter In Your Coffee Healthy?

Butter has long had a bad reputation due to the saturated fat content. However, multiple recent studies have actually found that saturated fat isn't directly tied to increased risk of heart disease. (1,2) In fact, butter is a great source of conjugated-linolenic acid (CLA) which has been found in studies to aid in weight loss. (3) Another study found that intake of high fat dairy products (such as butter) was actually protective against weight gain.(5) This is likely due to the fact that fat stimulates the satiety hormone CCK and therefore can help prevent snacking and hunger.

Anecdotally, those who use Intermittent Fasting and have butter coffee during their fasted state find that the butter coffee helps to greatly reduce hunger while fasting.

butter coffee

What Does Butter In Coffee Taste Life?

When made properly (meaning, blended NOT stirred into coffee), butter coffee or Keto Coffee can taste like a frothy smooth latte. The butter helps to smooth out the acidity in coffee and provides an amazing frothy "latte-like" experience. You can even add ingredients such as ground cinnamon or vanilla extract to spice it up!

How Do You Make Butter Coffee?

Butter coffee (or Keto Coffee) is very simple. All you need is a high quality coffee (I personally use the brand Purity Coffee. You can use my code "autumn" at checkout to get 10% off all of your orders.) and grass-fed butter. From here, you can also add in coconut oil or MCT oil for additional energy boosting perks.

For the super simple, step-by-step details on how to make butter coffee, you can check out my video below.

Enjoy your first cup of Keto Coffee! Keto Coffee cheers!

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butter coffee

Your Nutritionist,


butter coffee

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Unknown member
Feb 23, 2021

Is it okay to just add grass fed butter to your coffee or do you have to add the coconut oil or MCT oil?

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