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5 Easy Food Swaps to Decrease Your Sugar and Increase Your Fiber Intake

Updated: May 27, 2020

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Sugar is a highly addictive substance and it's extremely sneaky how often it pops up in our meals. In order to stabilize your blood glucose levels which in turn taps your body into fat burning mechanisms and improves your mood - it's important to find those sneaky sources of sugar and swap them for a low sugar, high fiber option instead.

Fiber is a greatly under appreciated compound. It feeds our gut bacteria which then produces anti-inflammatory compounds as a result. It stabilizes blood glucose levels by slowing the release of sugars and starches. AND it helps to keep us fuller, longer!

By swapping out the sugar and replacing it with whole sources of fiber, it's a win-win situation!!

Check out 5 super simple swaps that you can incorporate TODAY!

1/2 Banana (7g sugar, 1.5g fiber) -> 1/2 Avocado (.2g sugar, 4.6g fiber)

This swap is great if you're looking to decrease the sugar in your morning smoothie. However, if you don't have much other sweetener going on in your smoothie, 1/2 of a banana isn't a high sugar option.

1/4 Cup Granola (8g sugar, 1.9g fiber) -> 1 oz. Cacao Nibs (0g sugar, 8.9g fiber)

When you top your smoothie bowls, make sure you're really looking at your ingredients!! You could have a low sugar smoothie, then accidentally load it up with sugar-packed toppings. Cacao nibs are an amazing, crunchy topping with zero sugar and an insane amount of fiber.

1 Medjool Date (16g sugar, 1.6g fiber) -> 1/2 Banana (7.2g sugar, 1.5 g fiber)

Whether you're using a medjool date to sweeten a smoothie or nibble on to satisfy your sweet tooth, you may want to look to 1/2 banana instead. Plus, medjool dates will be lower in water due to the fact that they are dried fruit, making it much less satiating than a banana.

2 inch Chocolate Chip Cookie (6.6g sugar, .4g fiber) -> .5 oz. Dark Chocolate (3.4 g sugar, 1.5g fiber)

Craving something sweet after dinner? Get your hand out of the cookie jar and reach for the dark chocolate instead. I typically use a 72% or 80% dark chocolate. You can even whip up a low sugar dessert using your dark chocolate with the Chocolate Bomb Bites featured from the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program!

3 oz. Margarita on the Rocks (5.7g sugar, .1g fiber) -> 6 oz. Red Wine (.1g sugar, 0g fiber)

Mixed drinks can get really sugary really fast. Margaritas are no exception. With one of the ingredients being agave syrup, this packs on the sugar. Instead, opt for low sugar, high antioxidant red wine - especially if it's dry farmed! If you do choose to make a margarita, leave out the agave to keep it low in sugar.

Looking to reduce sugar while ALSO loving your breakfast?! Try out the Blueberry Hemp Smoothie TODAY! Grab the recipe HERE.

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