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IT'S HERE! Introducing Autumn's Protein Powder!

Who's gotten tired of me saying "REALLY REALLY SOON" in response to requests for updates on my protein powder release?!😂

Well I can officially say... IT'S HERE!!!!

You can now find Autumn's Protein Powder HERE!

AND it also comes with a free download that includes 10 protein-packed recipes! Helloooo new smoothies, waffles, chia pudding, grain-free oatmeal and MORE!

Grab your Autumn's Protein Powder HERE!!

Scroll down for the story behind how Autumn's Protein Powder was created and ALL of the perks of my protein!

A high quality protein powder that is optimized for wellness goals and that tastes great in recipes can be quite tricky to find. So in late 2021, I set out to create a protein powder that my community could trust.

I wanted to create a protein powder that was optimized for your goals, used studied ingredients and that was rigorously tested to taste great in recipes.

AND I wanted the AEN community to be involved in the process!

(Pssst - if you want to skip past the story and head straight to the perks of Autumn's Protein Powder, you can click HERE.)

So for a HUGE part of 2022, you probably participated in one of the many Facebook, YouTube and Instagram polls to help me decide what ingredients would be included, what type of wellness goals the protein powder would be optimized for and what type of packaging it would be in.

This step was incredibly important to me because this is a protein powder that was created for YOU. And if I didn't get your input, then how could I know what matters most to you?

The first step involved picking the ingredients themselves. This was largely driven by the AEN community as well as my background as a Nutritionist. (You can scroll down for a list of all the reasons the ingredients were chosen.)

Once the ingredients were finalized, next was the actual protein formula development. The process of developing the protein powder took a bit longer than I expected.

I thought, "okay so we'll mix various options together and get the flavor down in one afternoon". BOY was I wrong.

Because we not only measured and mixed each ingredient by hand in my kitchen, we also then tested each version in smoothies, pancakes, chia puddings and waffles to make sure it passed the "omg this tastes amazing" test.

This is one area that I'm really proud of because to my knowledge, not many (if ANY) protein powders go through this extra step. Protein powders are often tested for flavor by mixing it with water or milk - which we did as well. But if you're using it in recipes (which we all do), then in my opinion, it needs to pass THAT test as well!

So we went ahead and tested it. And tweaked it. And tested it. And tweaked it. And tested it again.

Until we *finally* had what passed every test.

So after months and months of development and testing, I'm incredibly proud to announce Autumn's Protein Powder!!!!!

Here are a few things that makes my protein powder so special*:

  • ZERO sugar!

When I asked you what you wanted to use your protein powder for, the number one response was to help you achieve a weight loss goal. So I optimized Autumn's Protein Powder by making it zero sugar!

  • ZERO stevia!

I also asked you what type of non-nutritive sweetener you preferred: stevia or monk fruit. In multiple polls, you preferred monk fruit... which I have to agree! Stevia tends to leave a weird after taste that lasts for hours after consuming it. The other main zero sugar option is sugar alcohol. I chose not to use sugar alcohols, as this can often cause GI distress (like bloating and gas) in many people.

So I opted for monk fruit extract to add a bit of sweetness without the sugar or bloating.

  • Pasture-raised!

Pasture-raised cows are able to graze on grass (which is what their bodies were adapted for). Not only have pasture-raised cows been found to produce nutritionally superior milk products, it's also been found to be better for the environment than "indoor total mixed ration" fed cows (aka factory farmed cows) by reducing the amount of methane produced.(1)

  • Whey Isolate!

Whey is a highly digestible protein with a DIAAS score of 1 or greater. This means you are actually able to absorb all of the protein that you're eating! On the flip side, pea protein only has a DIAAS score of .62, meaning it's considered a poor quality protein with poor absorption.(2) If you can't absorb it, then the body can't use it. Not to mention the *insane* number of studied health benefits of whey protein (that you've probably never heard) that range from enhancing the immune system to naturally boosting antioxidants in the body.(3,4) I made a full video with all of the studied benefits of whey protein that you can check out below.

On top of that, whey isolate (which is a type of whey protein) contains nearly zero lactose, making it the best whey protein option for those who are lactose intolerant. A lot of other companies will claim "whey isolate", but then cut it with whey concentrate or milk protein concentrate - both of which contain much higher levels of lactose that could lead to GI distress.

I'm personally a bit lactose intolerant (I can't drink straight milk without experiencing bloating). However, I've found that the very low lactose content of whey isolate works really well with my body! Generally speaking, most of my clients who are lactose intolerant don't experience bloating or gas with whey isolate. However they DO experience bloating with whey concentrate.

This is why I made my protein powder 100% pure whey isolate!

  • Flavor tested in recipes!

While I was developing Autumn's Protein Powder, I wanted to make sure it tasted *incredible* in every type of recipe the AENpeeps would use it for. I tested it in waffles, pancakes, chia pudding, grain-free oatmeal, greek yogurt and (of course) smoothies! So not only was Autumn's Protein Powder designed to fit the community's wellness goals, it also has been tested to help enhance the flavor of your favorite break-fasts!

  • FREE recipes included!!

Each bag of Autumn's Protein Powder comes with a free download with 10 protein-packed recipes! You'll gain access to protein waffles, smoothies, chia pudding, grain-free oatmeal and pancakes to whip up at home using your Autumn's Protein Powder! AND each recipe has been made to pair perfectly with your Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle Programs! Enjoy!!😋

Grab Autumn's Protein Powder TODAY and start whipping up tasty, protein-packed recipes for your weight loss and wellness goals!

I can't wait for you to try it!!

❤️, Autumn

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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