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The Truth About Celery Juice and Why People Are Obsessed

Updated: May 27, 2020

Celery juice... have you heard of it? It's literally BLOWING UP on Instagram, YouTube and various media sites such as Popsugar, Well+Good and GOOP. People who love it claim that it has helped them with various chronic illnesses ranging from Lyme disease to arthritis. These are some rather serious conditions and therefore pretty bold claims. I have used celery juice before in combination with other juices (such as cucumber, parsley, beet, etc). But I haven't used it purely on it's own. So after reading the copious instagram testimonials on celery juice, I decided to do a deep dive on the science.

celery juice medical medium benefits

The main question I had (and this is important, so listen up!), is whether celery juice is special or if other veggies have the same abilities. ALSO I wanted to determine whether or not it is the CELERY JUICE that's causing the amazing healing results, OR if it's the result of swapping out a "normal" sugary meal/coffee in the morning for a vegetable.

If any of what I said above sounds confusing, don't worry! I created a video on exactly what you need to know about celery juice... and whether or not you should be using it!

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NOTE: Just because there is a LACK of research, it does not make something WRONG. BUT the importance of research is determining HOW something works and whether or not there are other possible contributing factors to the benefits seen by the public.

There seemed to be a large concern from YouTube commenters over the fact that vegetables/fruits/unprocessed foods will never get the type of research it needs. And although I understand where that viewpoint is coming from (because of the lack of money that can be made from promoting fruits/vegetables as "cures"), this isn't necessarily true. Just on coffee and health alone, there are over 3700 studies on PubMed (see pic below).

celery juice benefits medical medium

On broccoli and health, there are over 1400 studies performed.

celery juice benefits medical medium is it healthy

And on chocolate and health, there are over 1100 studies.

celery juice benefits medical medium

Does this mean there's ENOUGH research done on real food solutions? No. But it IS out there. And when we combine what we're learning through studies/research with our knowledge of the human physiology and biochemistry AND the techniques that have been used for hundreds of thousands of years ~ we CAN make progress in understanding exactly how to use these foods to reach our ultimate wellness goals.

Okay, okay, science/nutrition rant over, I SWEAR.

I hope you enjoyed this video! Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Holidays, my #AENpeeps!

Your Nutritionist,


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