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FREE Carb Sensitivity Quiz! [Find Out If You're Carb Sensitive]

If you're looking to achieve a weight loss goal but you're hitting a plateau, you might be wondering if you are carb sensitive. Each person responds differently to carbohydrates. Some people have a moderate spike in the storing hormone insulin when they eat carbs, versus others who have a rather large spike in insulin in response to the same amount/type of carbs. The bigger the spike in insulin, the stronger the effect of "fat storing".

Whether or not you're carb sensitive will dictate how much and what types of carbohydrates you should eat to achieve your weight loss goal, increase your energy levels and feel more satisfied with your meals.

To help you determine if you might be carb sensitive, I've created a free 3 minute carb sensitivity quiz.

Scroll down to discover if you might be carb sensitive and what to do about it.

carb sensitivity quiz

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carb sensitivity quiz

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