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Based on my Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle recipes, YouTube Channel and Instagram, you know I love smoothies. So I've decided to bring back the completely FREE 5 Day Healthy Smoothie Challenge for ALL of us to participate in!

FREE smoothie recipes, FREE smoothie tips and a FREE download!!🥳

We're starting Monday, September 19th, so make sure to grab all the details you need to join in below!

healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

Why 5 Days of Healthy Smoothies?

Smoothies can be a simple and satisfying way to get the protein, fat and fiber needed in a meal to achieve a weight loss or wellness goal. Getting enough protein and fat is particularly important for achieving a weight loss goal. Protein and fat signal the satiety hormones peptide YY and CCK, letting your brain know that it's satisfied and doesn't need to keep eating (making this combo a great tool to ward off sugar cravings, too). Protein is also needed to achieve a body recomposition goal, which means you're losing fat but not losing muscle.(1)

Unfortunately, most "healthy smoothies" you'll find online are packed with sugar, which spikes the storing hormone insulin and completely shuts off fat burning. Not to mention, most of these "healthy smoothies" will also be low in fat and possibly even protein.

The 5 Day Healthy Smoothie Challenge was designed to help you learn how to make a truly "healthy smoothie" so that you can have a fast and easy meal option available to you along your weight loss and wellness journey.

Here's What You Can Expect:

The Challenge starts on Monday, September 19th and is 5 days long. Here's what you can expect:

  • 14 page free Healthy Smoothie Challenge download

  • 5 free healthy smoothie recipes

  • 3 Smoothie Challenge Guidelines

  • Smoothie tips and tricks

  • 5 day smoothie meal plan

  • Super simple smoothie ingredient swaps

  • Live-streaming and reels on Instagram (@Autumnelle_Nutrition) for smoothie tips

  • 100% free! (seriously!)

Share your Smoothie Challenge photos on Instagram with the hashtag #AENpeeps or in the private AEN Facebook group with over 15,000 other members (link provided in the free Smoothie Challenge download).

How To Join The Free 5 Day Healthy Smoothie Challenge:

Joining is simple (and free!). All you have to do is click the button below to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and you'll INSTANTLY receive your free 5 Day Healthy Smoothie Challenge download! PLUS at the end of the Challenge, you'll be emailed a special surprise... so make sure to keep an eye out on your email inbox!

Need Protein Powder For The Challenge?

Protein powder is a fantastic (and delicious) tool to significantly boost the protein content of a smoothie.

I recently developed a ZERO SUGAR protein powder for the community that pairs perfectly with the 5 Day Smoothie Challenge. Stock up on high quality protein powder for the Challenge HERE.

Grab your FREE 5 Day Healthy Smoothie Challenge download by clicking the button below!

I can't WAIT to get started with you on Monday, September 19th!!

❤️ Autumn

healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

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