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How Andrea Healed Her Rosacea AND De-Bloated While Eating MORE!

Andrea first shared her story in the private AEN Facebook group after completing the 21 Day IF program and 7 Day IF Detox. Although she experienced many of the common benefits that most AENpeeps do, such as significantly reduced bloating and clear skin, she was pleasantly surprised by an additional wellness win... her rosacea was gone!

Andrea's story is an inspiring example of how really great things happen when we fuel our body with the right types of satiating foods. Check out her full story below!

autumn bates intermittent fasting program review

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a visual artist and hairdresser with a busy life style who delights in extending care to others. Autumns program has been a great tool for me to be able to hone in on personal wellness, and in turn helped me in being more present for those I care about, aka no more brain fog.

Which Program are you following?

I followed Autumns detox program for a couple of weeks and merged it into the 21day IF during her summer challenge. It’s been easy to keep a schedule, rather than sporadically eat.

What was your main wellness goal with the 21 Day IF Program + Detox?

To heal my digestion, establish a healthy pattern of eating (not just snacking on little snacks all day) and become metabolically fit for sustainable fat loss.

Did you have any hesitations before starting the 21 Day IF Program + Detox?

I had hesitations before starting the program, wondering if it would be worth the time be cost. One day after visiting my doctor for stomach issues, which he suggested antacids for, I decided my diet needed to be healed not masked. I was also getting tired of costly visits to the doctor only to be told my blood levels were okay and to take antacids.

Did you try anything else in the past?

I’ve tried many things, often times aiming for a quick fix. Calorie counting was a method I used priorly, In doing so my dropped my weight dramatically/ quickly but I didn’t sustain it and in doing so I developed rosacea, and a somewhat dissonant relationship with food. Minimizing it rather than using it in healthy ways. I ate healthy foods but not enough or timely way with them. I tried getting back to a healthy way, but felt lost. Autumns program has been such a great road map for me.

What are the biggest wellness wins you have experienced with the 21 Day IF Program + Detox?

No more brain fog, clear skin, excitement in eating and cooking, and the education that came along with it! I’ve also enjoyed sharing my journey with family and friends.

What was your favorite meal from the 21 Day IF Program + Detox?

Honestly, I’ve really enjoyed the Blueberry Hemp Smoothie and all the smoothies! I always avoided smoothies before, thinking the they would bloat me, but they‘ve actually have been reducing my bloating. I was like “wow I’m eating more foods, and bloating less!

Did you have any "nutrition nerd" moments?

I had Ah ha moments for sure. Learning about the MMC pathways and nutrient timing has been thrilling. To understand something rather than just do it has helped my ease in knowing I’m doing what’s right for my body, not just doing something mysterious without the science backing.

Are you a Keto Coffee fan?

Keto coffee has been morning treat, though I sometimes just opt for black coffee. Purity coffee* has been mother great discovery for me, thanks to Autumns advice. I can enjoy my coffee without getting the jitters.

*Get 10% off all your orders of organic, mold-free Purity Coffee by using code "autumn" at checkout!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Im so thankful to this program and guidance. It gave me more than I was expecting. With it I not only see positive results in my body, but to feel them too. A new art form for me. I feel present.

What's your Instagram account?

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autumn bates intermittent fasting program review

Your Nutritionist,


autumn bates intermittent fasting program review

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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