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How Britnee Used Food to Heal Her Anxiety

Updated: May 27, 2020

Today I'm sharing a story of one of my amazing, beautiful clients ~ Britnee. Britnee came to me suffering from severe anxiety. She was having difficulties eating and sleeping because her anxiety was so strong. Her strength during this time amazes me and I'm so proud of the work she put in to reduce her anxiety!

Read Britnee's full story below of using food to bring her to a place where she feels strong and confident again!

SO proud of you Britnee!!



Tell us about yourself!

Oh hey! I’m Britnee. I’m 25 years old, and living in Austin, TX but born and raised in a little town in Connecticut. I love hiking, the beach, fall time is my favorite, watching drag racing, blogging, drinking sangria with my girls, and anything with skulls. I’m shredding for the wedding as I’m getting married to my high school sweetheart of 10 1/2 years this July! ❤️ I’m currently a fire alarm inspector, but inspiring nutritionist (shout-out to Autumn) and personal trainer in the near future!

What made you interested in seeing a Nutritionist?

Well, for many reasonings one being I was exhausted and I’ve done everything I could and just really needed answers, and as embarrassed as I was to let myself seek help to a nutritionist I’m beyond thankful I did! Autumn has literally saved my sanity in more ways than one! I started to trust Autumn SUPER fast. I trusted her with everything in me and felt so comfortable she was going to help me.

Did you try anything else before seeing a Nutritionist?

I went to 4 different doctors for answers! I also went to therapy. I’ve tried making my own meal plans and different things as I usually do and people count on me for, but when my anxiety hit a high peak I just needed answers, but I was deff not finding any answers things were just getting worse.

What were the changes you experienced while working with Autumn?

Oh geez... EVERYTHING!!! I could cry just thinking about the change I made. My anxiety took over my life and at times I thought this was never going to go away! Granted, I still have little moments here and there but NOWHERE CLOSE to the past! Before I decided to collide with (Autumn) I lost over 20 pounds in a 2 week span - I think that was my cue of I really have a problem I need answers for. The fact I’ve been actually eating again, and not being so afraid and gaining weight back has felt SO AMAZING! Along with those struggles I had beyond the worst time of going to sleep - I dreaded bedtime. I would try everything to get to fall asleep but as soon as I was in a deep sleep I would wake up shaking and couldn’t breathe - it was a cycle of 7 times before I was so exhausted I’d say screw this and literally yell at myself to get to sleep and ignore the anxiety. With (Autumn's) help and nutrition advice and facts within 2-3 days I was instantly not struggling to fall asleep, and I got asleep right away! My confidence level speaks for itself in all of this. I just never thought I was going to get out of this nightmare. I never thought there was a way out with just easy nutrition changes!! Along with I’ve learned SO MUCH thanks to (Autumn) willing to talk and teach me the facts and tips!

What's the most surprising thing you've learned throughout the process?

The most surprising thing was just knowing there’s a way out.

What was your favorite part about working with Autumn?

My favorite part working with (Autumn) is everything, haha. I can’t pick one!! I’m beyond grateful for (Autumn's) confidence in helping me - I really needed that in a time I really, really needed it and was desperate for answers. I’m grateful for how every time I had corny, little questions for (Autumn) at the grocery store or at home cooking (Autumn) answered in less than 2 minutes no matter what every time! I’m beyond grateful for that esp coming from an anxious, anxiety filled gal like me! I’m beyond grateful (Autumn) took the time to explain things to me and why (she) chose a method for me and each ingredient I’m putting into my recipes and why it benefits me. I’m beyond grateful for all (Autumn') love and support throughout the whole process and reassuring me in times I was scared to try something new why it’s the best option! I’m also beyond grateful when (Autumn) knew I was struggling at times trying new things and reassuring me and checking in with me to make sure I took it like a champ and did it and my anxiety is better.

What was your favorite meal?

mmmmm my favorite meal are the street tacos!!!!! I’m such a taco babe! Along with the Spicy Guac! YES! And the Sweet Greens Smoothie - literally gave me natural energy (I quit coffee MONTHS ago because my anxiety couldn’t handle the caffeine) - I haven’t had much energy in this rough time, but having that smoothie in the morning is everything at times. I also loved that snack option of the trail mix. I guess I can’t decide, bahaha.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of seeing a Nutritionist?

JUST DO IT! I have many girls asking me how my experience has been and I tell them the same thing! As I’ve said before Autumn literally is the ... she answers your questions instantly which makes you so confident and comfortable in times of need. She’s always checking up on me even when she didn’t need too - she could just give me a meal plan and check in month later but she’s by my side every step of the way! I’ve built such a powerful relationship with Autumn. I was embarrassed at first to say I had a nutritionist, because many people came to me for help little did they know I was struggling myself! Getting a nutritionist was one of the best choices I ever made! You obviously have that thought in your mind for a reason so what are you waiting for? There’s SO MUCH I learned from Autumn I had no idea about, so without her I would still be struggling trying to figure out answers.

SO proud of you Britnee!! Is there anything else you would like to share?

Just do it - take the leap you literally won’t regret it! Also know you’re literally not alone when it comes to anxiety!! There’s many of us who struggle everyday with many little things that build up to huge things and we may not realize on our busy days how important gut health and little nutrition changes mean to our health and future! I’ve also always been a firm believer of never turning to medicine and the earth has everything it needs to offer and that includes food and this is a true example of it all and my story! I literally would still be loosing weight, crumbling, and crying in corner with no sleep if it wasn’t for me getting a hold of Autumn! I don’t know what I’d do without her and I couldn’t thank her enough!

Britnee's story is one of the many great examples of why I made Nutrition my career. Sharing science-backed, safe nutritional strategies and tools to help you get rid of your anxiety, reach your fitness goals, and SO much more is what my passion and mission in life is.

Schedule your Initial Consultation with me HERE and we will work together to help you reach your wellness dreams naturally, just like Britnee!

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