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How This Mom of 4 Lost 30 Pounds [And Is Healthier Than Before Having Kids!]

autumn bates review

Recently in the private AEN Facebook group, I saw one of the AENpeeps (Joelle) share her amazing wellness journey. Joelle is a mom of 4 and has been on her wellness journey for about a year. But what's truly amazing is how she shared that she feels healthier now than she did before having kids!

"It’s been a year now and I went from 185 to 155 pounds. From a size 14 to an 8-10. I’m now slimmer and healthier than before I had kids."

As a new mom, I know there can be a lot of additional barriers along a wellness journey when family or kids are involved. So I reached out to Joelle to share a bit more about her story with the community, as well as any tips that helped her along the way.

Scroll down for Joelle's story!

autumn bates review

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a mom of 4 kids from 4 to 10 years old. I live in Montreal, Canada. Yes I speak French and it’s cold out here 😉 I work as a full time stay at home mom while earning a living through blogging and content creation on Instagram in the home design niche. I create videos and photos for brands to use for social media marketing.

Which Intermittent Fasting Program did you follow?

I did one week of detox with my husband and we both lost 2 pounds that week along with a less bloated belly. I then followed the 21 days IF program. I started with 14 hours and then increased to 16 hours, which I’ve been doing for a year now.

What was your main wellness goal?

I was so tired of feeling bloated and never felt good in my clothes. In January of 2023, I started to look for a way to eat better, lose weight. That’s when I found your program. I watched a few youtube videos and I was hooked! I bought your complete bundle and told my husband that our lifestyle and meals were going to change from now on. My main goal was simple, overall feel better and that my kids would eat healthier food too.

autumn bates review

How long have you been on your journey?

It’s been a year now and I went from 185 to 155 pounds. From a size 14 to an 8-10. I’m now slimmer and healthier than before I had kids.

Have you tried anything else in the past to achieve your goals?

Yes, between my pregnancies I did a local weight loss program using calorie restrictions. I did loose some weight but I understand now that the weight I lost was fat and muscles. I never saw the shaped body I now have. Thanks to body recomposition.

Were there any barriers you had to overcome?

At first, I was feeling good, less bloated and more energy but I had a few weeks of adjusting. I believe I cut sugar and carbs so drastically that I had headaches and gut issue. I should have gone in IF more slowly but overall it went away after a few weeks. I then began to feel more energized, less bloated and on my way to my goals.

As a mom, do you have any other tips for moms on their journey?

Yes. I do the cooking so the kids didn’t have much to say in my new way of cooking but they do like what I cook, not always 😉 But I incorporated more veggies, less pasta, more meat too. I would add rice or pasta or potatoes as a side for my kids of course, but I would eat only veggies and meat or cauliflower rice.

I work from home so It’s easier for me to plan my meals and when I break my fast. My husband was all in with the program too. He just ate whatever I cooked so it helped him in his weight lost as well.

greek yogurt bowl autumn bates recipes

What was your favorite recipe from the Intermittent Fasting Program?

Yes, First of all, Keto coffee with a dash of cinnamon. My favourite. Also, the smoothies and the Greek yogurt bowl. I also love to cook so I find it easy whip up a recipe of my own while still eating the right type of foods.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

WALK, WALK and WALK….. from the beginning, my goal was to walk 10k steps per day and so I did, most of the time. I use a fitbit to track my steps and love it. I pushed myself to go for a walk in the evening after the kids were in bed, even if it was cold and snowy. 

After a few months, I hit a 2 months plateau. That is when I started Incorporating Autumn’s resistance training program 3-4 times a week. After a month, I was already seeing difference in my body. Not on the scale though, but I kept my focus on changes in my body and clothes. So I encourage everyone of you to just DO IT. It’s not a race, you will get there in time. Don’t discourage and keep going.

Thank you Autumn for everything and for all the AEN peeps on FACEBOOK! I am never going back to my old habits again!

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❤️ Autumn

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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Félicitations Joelle! Congratulations! A 2 month plateau, that’s difficult, you persisted and you had a breakthrough. You look amazing. 🤩

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