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The 5 Day Healthy Smoothie Challenge Starts On Monday! [My Top 3 Tips]

Updated: Jun 3

The official FREE 5 Day Smoothie Challenge starts on MONDAY!!

FREE smoothie recipes, FREE smoothie tips and a FREE download!!🥳

Over the years, thousands of AENpeeps have joined in on the 5 Day Free Smoothie Challenge and loved it. The goal of the Challenge is to make one simple (and delicious) change for 5 days to help you boost satiety and make a big step toward your weight loss and wellness goals.

It's a simple, easy and effective tool that you can do right now.

We're starting Monday so make sure to grab all the details (including the free download) HERE!

You won't want to miss this Challenge 🥳

free smoothie challenge

In honor of the upcoming 5 Day Smoothie Challenge, I'm sharing some of my top tips to help you succeed next week. These are strategies that AENpeeps have used over the years throughout the challenge to feel awesome and simplify the process.

Checkout my top tips for the 5 Day Smoothie Challenge below!

smoothie challenge

1. Don't Be Afraid To Make Swaps

Not a fan of coconut butter? Or perhaps you don't love chia seeds? Not a problem! Page 7 of the free 5 Day Smoothie Challenge download is about to be your best friend. Here you can make simple swaps for each recipe, depending on the ingredient you want to remove.

2. Don't miss the protein!

Each smoothie has around 30 grams of complete protein which should cover most individual's needs at one meal (although some might need to add a bit more if you have a specific fitness goal in mind).

Don't be tempted to skip this ingredient! Protein is a big component of why these smoothies can be made into a meal and make you feel satisfied. Adequate protein is also crucial for achieving a body recomposition goal.(1)

Within the free download, you can find some swaps if the recommended protein option doesn't work for you. But I highly recommend checking out my zero sugar pasture-raised protein powder, which was specifically designed to taste amazing in smoothie recipes.

Head over HERE to stock up on my zero sugar protein powder!

autumn bates protein powder

3. Prep When Needed

Smoothies are very quick to prep and bring on the go. However, if you don't even have enough time to make a smoothie from scratch each morning, there are a few ways that you can meal prep to reduce the process.

My favorite way is to pre-make smoothies in individual mason jars. You can throw all of the ingredients you need for each smoothie into one mason jar (one serving per jar). When you're doing this all at once for the week, it should only take you about 3-5 minutes. That way you can just pull one smoothie pack out of the fridge, give it a blend and you're ready to go!

free smoothie challenge

Grab your FREE 5 Day Healthy Smoothie Challenge download by clicking the button below!

I can't WAIT to get started with you!!

❤️ Autumn

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