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This High Protein Cottage Cheese Toast Will Change Your Life

The Spring Intermittent Fasting Challenge is HERE 🥳 So today, I'm sharing a new recipe that's packed with protein, fat and fiber and can be used alllll Challenge long!

Introducing my 3 ingredient cottage cheese toast recipe.

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  • boosted metabolic flexibility (switching back to fat burning easier)

  • amazing community support

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  • gut health support

  • and SO much more!

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intermittent fasting challenge

Today's recipe was shared a few weeks ago on my YouTube channel. It was such a hit with my YouTube fam that I realized this recipe needed to be shared in a visual, follow-able form on my blog.

This recipe is such a success because:

  1. It's simple: The whole recipe only has 3 (well, technically 4) ingredients.

  2. It satisfies specific cravings: Sometimes the urge for a crispy slice of toast is REAL.

  3. It's packed with protein: The whole recipe comes in at a little over 30 grams of complete protein.

  4. It takes minutes to prep: Literally as long as it takes to toast a piece of (paleo) bread.

I like this as a break-fast, but it can also be used as a lunch in a pinch.

cottage cheese toast

Key ingredients include:

Cottage Cheese

I personally go for the full-fat variety. Full fat dairy products have been found to be inversely associated with obesity.(1) This means that full fat dairy products could potentially protect from weight gain.

Full fat dairy products are also rich in an incredibly important vitamin called Vitamin K2. This is different from vitamin K1 (found in plants). Vitamin K2 helps promote heart and bone health by removing calcium from the arteries and putting it in the bones.

Low fat dairy products will contain significantly less vitamin K2.

Paleo Bread

When looking to achieve a weight loss goal, I typically opt for a paleo style bread made with mostly whole food ingredients. These tend to be more satiating and lead to less blood sugar spikes than traditional wheat based breads.

I like the brand Base Culture. They have a few types, but I recommend opting for the ones that are only found in the freezer aisle.

Chia Jam OR Sautéed Blueberries

This recipe calls for my homemade chia jam which is made by combining 1-2 Tbsp. chia seeds with 2 cups sautéed blueberries. This is a very low sugar method of creating a "jam" product.

But if you want something warm, you can simply throw frozen blueberries in a pan and sauté them up for 3-5 minutes before adding it to your toast.

Cheers to the Spring Challenge! Enjoy today's recipe!

cottage cheese toast

3 Ingredient Cottage Cheese Toast

Serves 1


  • 2 slices paleo bread (I like the brand Base Culture)

  • 1 1/4 cup cottage cheese (I like Good Culture)

  • 2-4 Tbsp. chia jam OR 1/4-1/2 cup frozen blueberries

  1. If using frozen blueberries, start by adding the berries to a pan over medium heat. Sauté for 3-5 minutes or until slightly juicy. You can also make chia jam instead. Find the recipe with my video HERE or at the top of this blog post.

  2. Add paleo bread to a toaster and toast to desired doneness.

  3. Top toast with cottage cheese and sautéed blueberries or chia jam.

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Smoothie Cheers,


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Autumn Elle Nutrition

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