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What's Your Nutrition Philosophy? [QUIZ]

Updated: May 27, 2020

Did you know this was a thing? Whether you realize it or not, you currently have a philosophy on Nutrition! With Autumn Elle Nutrition, I'm always talking about the science (insert this little guy -🤓), but the philosophy is where everything really begins. This is your belief system. This governs how you look at food in the first place. And keep in mind, this can change. In fact, for most people it usually does. My Nutrition Philosophy certainly changed as I learned more about my own body and my struggles (with anxiety).

To help you begin to understand what your philosophy on Nutrition is, I've created an 11 question quiz for you to complete today! Keep in mind, there are many other sub-philosophies within each of the main three that I'm listing below (which means you can keep a look out for future posts and videos, diving deeper into this topic!). But this is an excellent place to start.

Once you've learned your Nutrition Philosophy, comment below or DM me on Instagram at @AutumnElle_Nutrition! I want to know your thoughts!

Now, let's get quizzing.

whats your nutrition philosophy autumn elle nutrition

1. You currently (or have in the past) used a calorie tracker in order to lose weight.

A. Yes, also macros!

B. I have (or have not) in the past, but I don't anymore. Not my style.

C. Yup!

2. You have utilized various diets (whether it be paleo, keto, vegetarian, etc) to help yourself achieve a goal.

A. Oh yeah. Each one gave different results on how much weight I loss.

B. I've tried them in the past and have learned something from each to apply to my life.

C. Eh, I mostly stick to weight watchers/myfitnesspal/other calorie counter.

3. When you hear stories about those who have healed their inflammatory condition/acne/other condition through their diet, your first thought is...

A. Which diet was it?!

B. I wonder what the cause of their condition was/why specifically the diet helped?

C. There must have been something else they did too.

4. When it comes to supplements you...

A. LOVE them!! I take about 6-10 (or more) different supplements daily.

B. use them, but not a ton. I don't like to rely on them.

C. might take a multi every now and then.

5. Which story headline would you be most likely to click on and read?

A. "Nutritionist Says Kale is Actually Not Paleo Approved"

B. "One Woman REVERSED Her IBS... Without Medication!"

C. "A Nutritionist Rates the Best 5 Food Tracking Apps"

6. You're scrolling through Instagram and come across a picture that you screenshot/save ~ what is it?

A. A high protein, low fat, gluten-free cookie recipe... duh.

B. A new chickpea and veggie stew recipe that looks AMAZE.

C. One of those pics showing 5 different foods that equal 100 calories.

7. You're at a Nutrition Seminar and you find yourself headed toward...

A. a workshop predicting this years top nutrition trends.

B. a workshop detailing the nutritional differences between farmers market veggies and grocery store veggies.

C. the exit... because WTF am I doing at a Nutrition Seminar?!

8. You typically eat...

A. 5-6 meals per day to keep my metabolism up.

B. when I'm hungry. But I always eat until I feel "full"/satiated.

C. breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe some snacks in there so that I don't get hangry.

9. Your main nutrition goal is to...

A. get toned, lose some weight.

B. heal my IBS/low energy/acne/anxiety/hormone imbalance/inflammation/etc.

C. lose weight.

10. Your favorite protein bar is...

A. something organic and high in protein.

B. I prefer not to have them, but if I do, it's something made from whole nuts where you can SEE the ingredients.

C. something low calorie.

11. You're on this page/Autumn Elle Nutrition because...

A. I didn't know nutrition could have a philosophy ~ I wanted to know mine.

B. I want to learn how to heal my body naturally.

C. I have no clue how I got to this page, but I can't pass up a good quiz.

whats your nutrition philosophy autumn elle nutrition


Mostly A ~ Food is Fuel

Your philosophy is that food impacts your muscle mass, body fat percentage and perhaps how clear your skin is. You've probably tried various protocols such as paleo or keto because you saw that it helped one of your friends achieve their weight loss goals. You also may have a fully stocked vitamin shelf and take a handful per day for various imbalances or deficiencies.

Thoughts from Autumn ~ You already have an understanding of some of the power that food contains. You may have even seen how tweaking your diet can result in body fat loss, better skin or reduced bloating! But did you know that what (and when) you eat also impacts your mental clarity, how well you sleep and even how happy you feel? Food has SO MUCH more power beyond just how much we weigh/our body fat percentage. Get ready to uncover a WHOLE new world on just how much of a positive impact what you eat can have on your life!! Start with the video below!

Mostly B ~ REAL Food Heals

Your philosophy is that REAL food (aka that which has not been altered by humans) provides nutrients and energy in a symbiotic fashion that supplements simply cannot achieve. (This bit has actually been found to be true with THIS study.) You believe that food impacts beyond just how you look - it impacts EVERY part of your life! How you sleep, your energy levels, your motivation, your stress... everything! You may use some supplements, but you mostly rely on fresh, real food to balance your hormones, increase your energy, reduce your risk of chronic disease and overall to just FEEL GOOD. You also are probably an #AENpeeps 🤓

Thoughts from Autumn ~ Continue your food-ucation and learn more about how it impacts your body with the video below!

Mostly C ~ Food is... Food

Your philosophy is that what you eat, regardless of the food source OR macronutrient distribution, doesn't have an impact on how you feel. All calories are created equal. If you received this philosophy, I'm pretty surprised you're on my website in the first place. But, if you DID receive this, I highly suggest you check out THESE stories ~ hopefully I can change your mind a bit ;) Want to learn more? Start with the video below on 10 ways to lose weight without counting calories (seriously!!).

My goal with this quiz is to simply bring attention to how you view food in the first place. Most people have never stopped and asked themselves this question, so I applaud you for taking this quiz! My hope is to also help you see the true power that food has on every aspect of our lives. It's SO much more than just weight loss (although that can be an important part too!).

Scroll through my blog and watch my videos on YouTube ~ these are FREE resources to aid in your journey on learning more about your body, how it works and just how capable it is when given the proper tools.

Want to take your wellness journey to the next level? Heal your body naturally, achieve fat loss and feel GOOD with The 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Guide! Eat BOMB food (like LA Street Tacos, Chili, Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chip Cookies, Spicy Curry and MORE) while achieving your wellness DREAMS!

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Your Nutritionist,


Autumn Elle Nutrition

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