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4 Breakfasts I Ate Every Week To Lose 20 Pounds Postpartum [Easy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss]

healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss

Last year I had my first baby, Sage! :)

After having Sage and giving my body a bit of time to rest and recover, I started my postpartum weight loss journey.

autumn bates

My primary focus was to help my body burn fat as fuel without feeling hungry or counting calories (and while still breast feeding my daughter).

The only way to really achieve this is to make sure my meals are high in quality sources of protein.

Protein raises the satiety hormone peptide YY which shuts off hunger and cravings (including sugar cravings!). When we eat enough protein, it helps us feel satisfied from our meals while allowing the body to naturally tap into fat stores as fuel.

This works particularly well when you combine protein with low glycemic load foods.

Starting the day with a meal that's high in protein helps to set the day off on the right foot. But finding breakfasts with enough protein to turn on the satiety hormone can be tricky. Most breakfast food items are low in protein and high in high glycemic load foods (think pancakes, toast and oatmeal).

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So today I'm sharing the 4 high protein, low glycemic load meals I made every week to help me feel satisfied from my meals while still achieving my 20 pound weight loss goal.

chocolate chip protein waffles recipe

Chocolate Chip Protein Waffles (One Week Supply)

If you've been following my journey on Instagram, then you'll know this has been a nearly daily staple of mine. Every week my husband and I batch out 38 protein waffles to store in the freezer. Then every day we just pop these in the toaster and top with some skyr (similar to greek yogurt), almond butter and sautéed blueberries.

High in protein, low in sugar and so so simple.

Grab the recipe HERE.

High Protein Blueberry Smoothie

I'm the self proclaimed smoothie queen. I love how smoothies (when properly made) are absolutely loaded with quality sources of protein, fat and fiber to help support my weight loss and wellness goals. I also love that smoothies can be eaten on-the-go for a convenient breakfast on busy days.

Check out the smoothie I was drinking throughout my weight loss journey with the video above.

autumn bates cottage cheese bowl

Blueberry Cottage Cheese Bowl

Cottage cheese is insanely high in protein. Just 1 1/4 cups has around 30 grams of complete protein! Cottage cheese bowls are great as a break-fast or lunch and takes only a minute or so to prep. The unique factor that makes my cottage cheese bowls so great is the sautéed blueberry topping. This adds warmth and extra sweetness without any added sugar to the meal.

Get my viral recipe HERE.

autumn bates French toast

AEN French Toastie

Growing up, I ate a lot of French toast - it was my favorite breakfast! So I wanted to create a high protein version that doesn't use flour while still working with my weight loss goals. And behold! My AEN French Toastie 😋

This recipe was developed for my upcoming Summer Meal Plan, so make sure you keep your eyes out for the Program! It'll be LOADED with over 50 brand new, high protein recipes to help support a body recomposition goal.

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chocolate chip protein waffles recipe

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