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5 Intermittent Fasting Break-Fast Recipes For EVERY Situation! (Traveling, Brunch, At Work)

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To be honest, break-fast hasn't always been my favorite meal of the day. I LOVE the process of making dinner and unwinding after a long day by cooking. But with break-fast, I'm looking for something that takes minutes to prep, tastes amazing and keeps me satisfied without needing any snacks between meals.

That's why four of the recipes I'm sharing with you today are SO. SIMPLE. Especially with Intermittent Fasting, your break-fast might be eaten on the go, during a meeting or while watching the kids ~ therefore, simplicity and satiety are KEY.

But we also have times when we feel like having a mellow brunch at home with friends and family. With all of this in mind, today I'm sharing 5 different break-fast recipes you can use with Intermittent Fasting as well as which of these recipes are best for each situation. Plus, each of these options are AEN approved!🤓

Keto Coffee Cheers, AENpeeps! Enjoy the recipes!

At Home: Warming Egg + Cabbage Scramble

This recipe is especially great if you're at home and have access to a stove, but still only have a few minutes to prep your meal. Cabbage and eggs both cook up quickly and the addition of onions adds an incredible punch of flavor! You can save extra time by pre-chopping the onions and cabbage for the week and storing this in your fridge.


2-3 eggs, scrambled in a bowl

1/2 Tbsp. grass fed butter

1-2 cups chopped cabbage

1/4-1/2 cup sliced onions

pinch of sea salt

1-2 Tbsp. pumpkin seeds

Optional 1 oz. sharp cheddar

1. Lightly sauté the onions, cabbage, half of the butter butter and salt for a few minutes. Add this combo to your plate.

2. Add the remaining butter and your eggs. Cook until it reaches desired done-ness.

3. Top with pumpkin seeds and optional cheese!

On-The-Go: Strawberry Coconut Chia Brekky Bowl

If you're traveling or on-the-go, this is a great meal to easily stash in your bag in a glass mason jar and eat when you're ready. You can also triple or quadruple the recipe to make enough for the week.

Base Ingredients:

1-2 Tbsp. chia seeds

~1/4 cup full fat grass-fed greek yogurt (or more if you like it on the thicker side)

~1/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk homemade or from a carton (or more if you like it on the thinner side)


2-4 Tbsp. cashews

1/2 cup sliced strawberries

2 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut flakes

Optional 1-2 Tbsp. peanut or almond butter if you're feeling a little more hungry

1. Whisk together the base ingredients in a small bowl and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes. Top with toppings.

2. Store in the fridge for later use or bring with you immediately.

During Meetings: Blueberry Chia Smoothie

Smoothies are generally a favorite for the AENpeeps who are in meetings or driving all day. You can blend this up in the morning, store it in a thermos and drink when you're ready! Many of the AENpeeps who are teachers and don't have time between class to eat a meal LOVE having the simple option of drinking their smoothie during class.


10 oz. water or unsweetened almond/coconut milk (From a carton or homemade - NOT from a can)

1/2-3/4 cup grass-fed unsweetened full fat greek yogurt

2 Tbsp. Chia seeds

1-2 Tbsp. Almond or peanut butter

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

Optional 1/2 frozen banana

1. Blend until smooth. Optional to top with 2 Tbsp. unsweetened cacao nibs.

At Brunch: Brunchy Break-Fast Plate

This is an incredible, slightly more time consuming, option for when you're having friends or family over for brunch. Typical hash browns will leave you feeling sluggish and tired from the spike and drop in blood glucose levels. Instead, this recipe from Autumn's Nerdy Kitchen Cookbook uses cauliflower as the base, making it the perfect swap to still meet your weight loss and energy goals!

You can check out Autumn's Nerdy Kitchen Cookbook and this recipe HERE.

On-The-Go (Sneak Peek):Turmeric Pineapple Smoothie

Here's a little sneak peek into one of the Level Up Guide recipes! I love this one during the Summer when you're craving something slightly sweet and refreshing.

Ingredients: 10 oz. nut or seed milk 1⁄2 cup frozen pineapple 1⁄2 tsp. ground ginger 1 tsp. ground turmeric 1 Tbsp. coconut butter 1 Tbsp. flax or chia seed pinch of pepper 1 scoop organic vanilla protein powder OR 1/2-1 cup full-fat greek yogurt

1. Blend until smooth. Optional to top with 1-2 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut flakes.

Get 100+ delicious recipes (like the ones above!) plus the step-by-step deets on how to use Intermittent Fasting to achieve your wellness DREAMS with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle! Head over HERE to get started!

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