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5 Steps to a Healthy Halloween (That's Still Fun)

Updated: May 27, 2020

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of the year. The past few weeks, I've been working on decorating the house to make it ultra scary for the kids🧟‍♀️ Make sure you follow me on Instagram @AutumnElle_Nutrition to catch my IG stories of the entire haunting!!

Whether you are passing out candy to trick or treaters or hitting up a mid-week costume party, you're probably doing something outside of your normal routine this Halloween. After years of waking up on November 1st feeling like the zombie that I dressed up as the night before, I've finally mastered a step-by-step approach to having fun on Halloween and still feeling great the next morning.

Check out the deets below!

STEP 1: Plan a healthy treat in advance

We all have these lofty, admirable goals of not eating ANY of the candy on Halloween. But let's be honest here... there's only so much will power we all have. You're much better off planning to have an indulgence, but keeping it more in line with your goals so that you don't have a sugar hangover the next day. Try opting for a dark chocolate bar, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or baked apples. Make sure to check my Instagram @AutumnElle_Nutrition on Halloween morning for a homemade chocolate covered popcorn recipe!!🤤

STEP 2: Make a bomb dinner

One mistake I see A LOT is that people will skip a meal in order to "save calories" for desserts. First of all - this doesn't work. Second of all, from skipping a meal (or not eating enough) your hunger hormones are REVVED UP. Think hulk style hanger. This level of cravings + being surrounded by sugar packed candy leads to disaster mode. Instead, start off with a fiber-filled, satiating meal like the Pumpkin Chili from The Ultimate 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program to savor pre-festivities. Then follow this up with your healthy, planned treat!

STEP 3: Sip wisely

Planning on having an adult bevvie? Keep it low-sugar to prevent the next morning sugar hangover. Wine is always a great choice (especially the dry-farmed variety). If you're looking for a cocktail, keep it simple with something like vodka soda, tequila + lime or my Red Wine Sangreezy from the Level Up Program!

STEP 4: End the night with magnesium

With all of the late night festivities, deep sleep is a must. I always take 300-500mg of magnesium after a late night to promote deep, restful sleep. I use THIS brand.*

STEP 5: Plan to sleep in the next morning

You're not doing yourself or your wellness goals any favors by getting up early and hitting the gym the next day. Staying up past your normal bed time and getting less sleep than you usually do means that your body will be extra inflamed the next day. You need some RnR, not some HIIT on November 1st. If you still try and squeeze in your normal workout, you run the risk of increasing your cortisol (stress hormone levels) which will ultimately lead to weight gain around your waistline and increased anxiety. Instead, set your alarm a little later and get a full nights sleep. This will lower your cortisol levels and help you bounce back even faster. At the most, go for a long morning walk with your cup of Keto Coffee.

Come November 2nd once you are fully recovered, you can jump start achieving your wellness goals with The Ultimate 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program! Learn more HERE!

Have fun this Wednesday and stay spooky! 👻

Your Nutritionist,


Autumn Elle Nutrition

*Affiliate link

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