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7 Day Detox Meal Plan | Reset and Feel GOOD Again

After the 5 part Sugar Detox Series on YouTube, you've learned all about the importance of supporting the liver and processing "old sugars" when looking to kick a sugar habit. If you missed that series on YouTube, you can catch all 5 parts HERE.

Which is why taking time to give the liver some TLC is important, not just for a weight loss goal, but also for preventing sugar cravings, too.

Starting next week on Monday, May 15th, we're ALL doing the 7 Day Detox together!

If you want to join in with me and thousands of other men and women in Detox Week, grab your 7 Day Detox program HERE.

Scroll down for everything you need to know about the 7 Day Detox.

autumn bates 7 day detox program

This 7 Day Detox Is A Reset

The body naturally detoxes every single moment of every single day with the vast majority of that work being done by the liver. However, with excess sugar intake, poor sleep, high stress and processed foods, it's easy to run down the liver and make it less efficient at processing those toxins.

autumn bates liver detox

The liver is sort of like any machine - it's really efficient at a certain capacity. For example, think of how your computer responds when you open just one tab: your internet runs smoothly and everything loads quite quickly. But as soon as you open 50 tabs while also running your photos app, music app, video editor and FaceTime, suddenly your computer doesn't work quite as well.

Same goes with the liver.

It can only process so many toxins at once, which is why giving it an occasional break and providing the extra nutrients and lifestyle habits to support detox pathways can be massively beneficial.

The 7 Day Detox Goal

You won't find any complicated juices or a wide array of expensive supplements in this 7 Day Detox. Instead, the goal is to support the natural processes of liver detox by:

  • eating natural, delicious foods that speed up phase 2 liver detox and aid in phase 3 liver detox (hello turmeric, broccoli, salt, high quality animal proteins, chia seeds and raspberries)

  • eliminate the foods that require high levels of liver detox so that the liver can focus on built up toxins instead (bye-bye added sugars, alcohol, processed grains and fake sugars)

  • adding in movement that promotes gut motility to help the colon release the toxins processed by the liver

  • sweating efficiently and hydrating properly to support the skin detox pathways

  • getting adequate rest to allow these systems to naturally repair themselves

We're not looking to hijack the detox systems. Instead, we're looking to support the liver, skin, bowels and kidneys in what they naturally do best. All while eating absolutely delicious meals in the process!

The 7 Day Detox educates you on each of these pathways and provides simple tools, recipes and a 7 Day Meal Plan with meals so great, you won't even realize you're on a detox 😋

autumn bates 7 day detox

You Choose When To Start

If you want to start today or next week, you have the power to make that decision! Whatever works best for you and your life. However, we also periodically hold group Detox Weeks so that you can get the added benefit of accountability and support from the AEN Community. Whenever making any lifestyle change, having a supportive community around you can go miles in helping you to get and stay excited about your wellness journey.

As of this writing, we're holding a Detox Week starting Monday, May 15th. If you want to join us, grab your 7 Day Detox Program HERE to get started!

autumn bates 7 day detox program

Reasons Why I Detox - What's Yours?

Reason #1 ~ I've recently eaten a lot of sugar or processed foods. Even as a Nutritionist, there are moments where I perhaps indulged in foods that make me feel "bleh". This might be after a vacation, birthday or holidays. All of these various events can mean my liver has to process a lot more sugar/refined carbohydrates than it's used to. Giving it a bit of a break and re-focusing on my wellness goals helps me to get back on track faster: more energy, better digestion and better sleep.

Reason #2 ~ I need to reset my sugar cravings. This often goes hand in hand with reason #1, but sometimes sugar cravings spike due to other factors like high stress. Addressing my sugar cravings with the 7 Day Detox has been an efficient tool to help me nip sugar cravings in the bud.

Reason #3 ~ I want to support my liver health. The liver is massively important to our long term health. There are stages of liver disease (such as fatty liver, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, NASH and Cirrhosis), and it's estimated by the American Liver Foundation that over 100 million American suffers from some form of liver disease.(1) There are a variety of factors that can cause liver disease, but one that we have near complete control over is what we eat.(2)

This is why I'm focused on using tools and ingredients that have been found to actually move the needle in terms of liver health. Not just some trendy (and expensive) juice cleanse without any real scientific backing.

Reason #4 ~ Support a weight loss goal. There are also those who use the 7 Day Detox as a tool to help kickstart their weight loss journey. Just check out some of the amazing stories from community members following the 7 Day Detox below.

autumn bates 7 day detox review

autumn bates 7 day detox review

autumn bates 7 day detox review

autumn bates 7 day detox review

autumn bates 7 day detox review

Are you ready to get started?!

Grab your 7 Day Detox and join THOUSANDS of men and women around the world in feeling GOOD again!

Head over HERE for your Detox Program!

Keto Coffee Cheers,


detox smoothie

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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